Absolutely fantastic service! I had my initial consultation with Nurse Karen and she was very helpful and considerate of my needs. She listened to what I hoped to achieve from treatment (I had Botox and fillers) and she used her professional expertise and advised me how to achieve the effect I desired. She clearly explained what can be done, how,...
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AT Canterbury

November 23, 2015
I recently had a dermal filler treatment. The treatment was carried out by nurse Karen, whom I had not met before. She was very good, and gentle, and took a great deal of care during the procedure. She explained the treatment to me fully before starting and answered any queries I had to my satisfaction. After treatment she carefully explained...
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CH Whitstable

November 19, 2015
Very good service, thorough check up and follow up actions. Nice friendly staff.
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AM, Hythe

November 12, 2015
Following  my last cosmetic treatment for some Fillers and Botox, I’m always 100% happy with my treatments here with Dr Mark and Dr Alice. The clinic is friendly and efficient and after care if needed always provided without feeling your are a problem. I have total reassurance in this clinic and shall carry on being a loyal customer here.
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AB Canterbury

November 7, 2015
I attended a consultation for Acne Scar treatment. First impression was excellent. Very professional doctor who took her time to talk to us and explain the situation very well. Past present and future was covered through the conversation which gave me (and my mother) a sense of reassurance. Some educational facts were also given to have a broader view on...
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M Z Canterbury

October 29, 2015
Never having ever experienced any treatment to my face before, I really did not know what to expect. Prior to my first appointment, I found the staff on the phone helpful, friendly and reassuring. At my initial consultation I was able to get answers to many relevant questions about having the thread veins on my face removed by laser, and...
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FC Sandwich

August 29, 2015
Thought I should let you know how delighted I am with the results of the filler, It really has reduced my eye ‘bag’s’ and I feel so much more confident and less ‘tired’ looking.
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BE, Dover

March 29, 2015
My experience with Skin and Laser was brilliant even though I was a nightmare to deal with. Everyone was very friendly and Dr Alice was extremely understanding and comforting. I only wish I had been an easier patient!! Thanks very much Rose C
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Rose C, Ashford

March 17, 2015
Just to let you know, I have just had a call from two patients you saw the other day – Judith and Maureen.  They wanted you to know that they are soooo happy with their Filler treatment.  They have been happy with the treatment in the past but they are absolutely over the moon with their last visit.  They just...
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MA and JG Sittingbourne

February 19, 2015
This was my first appointment with Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock about a mole. I had been to a mole screening clinic in London and was told that I possibly had skin cancer! Imagine my sleepless nights but Dr. Mark’s secretary kindly squeezed me in to see him on a Monday afternoon. Dr. Mark was very kind and thorough. He examined me...
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AK, Ashford

February 9, 2015
I came for a cosmetic consultation for wrinkles at the clinic. The Doctor I saw (Dr. Alice) took the time to listen to what I was fed up with and wanted to improve. She explained the different treatments to me and what each one will do. Ihad the idea that I needed Botox but she advised me that it was...
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LF. Broadstairs

February 3, 2015
I’m thrilled with the lip filler- I’ve got lips again!! Dr. Alice was so gentle so it was not a problem having it done. I also had a droopy corner to my mouth which now looks normal. Happy customer:)
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CB Canterbury

January 26, 2015