Skin Cancer Awareness Month

What to look for in Skin Cancer?

May is Skin Cancer awareness month

More and more people are using sun protection regularly, and especially in children, which is absolutely the correct thing to do. However, there are still far too many of us failing to properly protect our skins from too much UVL. Everyone should be protecting their skin with a high SPF (>30) and a high star rating (>4*) for good UVB and UVA protection, respectively, in their chosen sunblock, every day! Remember, if you have got any tan, you have been damaged by too much UVL! Too much UVL over our lifetime increases the risk of skin cancer. We are living longer, we therefore get more UVL exposure by default and our skin cancer risks get greater. SKIN CANCER is still increasing, so we need to do more to protect ourselves now, to reduce our long term risks.

But what about now? For most of us the damage has been done, so we need to be looking out for changes in our moles, such as changes in shape, size or colour, and checking monthly should be often enough. Also, look out for red rough skin changes, bits that bleed and are not healing as quickly as they should, and new lumps or bumps, as these could all be signs of pre-cancer or cancer of the skin. IF IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT! We regularly see patients who have either been referred by their GP or who self refer to the clinic, so that our Dermatologist can check their skins over from top to toe. He can pick up potentially important changes in your skin to advise you on: to reassure you about or remove if necessary. The earlier you treat a cancer, the more curable it is, the skin is no different. One advantage we all have is that we can all see our skin, unlike our internal organs, so there should be no excuse. Get to know your skin, know what is normal and, if something changes or appears and you are not sure, ask your GP or come to the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic: we are all here to help!

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The consultation fee with the Dermatologist is £220. Further fees depend on what is advised. If just reassurance is all that is needed, then there is no further fee. If treatment is required, such as laser, liquid nitrogen, surgery, then the doctor will give you a firm fee for the treatment.

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