Acne Laser Treatment With Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

Acne Laser Treatment With Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

The skin is a fundamental element of a person’s appearance and understandably reflects how many of us feel about our looks. Sometimes nature can play a cruel trick on us and take away our ability to control the condition of our skin, often in the form of acne.

Acne is far from a new condition; nor is it rare. As the most common skin condition worldwide, it’s pretty safe to say suffers aren’t alone in their despair. If you suffer with blocked pores and acne prone skin, you may have tried every over the counter treatment, creams and even some cosmetic treatments in order to fight this upsetting condition with no luck. If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle with your skin then maybe it’s time to consider acne laser treatment.

Acne laser treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that allows patients to improve the look of their acne prone skin whilst also improving the look of the scarring that can sometimes form as a result of acne. Acne laser treatment works by transmitting a high energy light into the facial tissue which can target specific areas of the skin and effectively kill the bacteria that causes acne to form.

Acne laser treatment has many positives that entice many different patients to undergo the treatment every year. For example, acne laser treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive which is great for those that wish to undergo cosmetic treatment without the need to put their body under the stress or risk that many surgical procedures can carry.

Secondly, the treatment works as a two-in-one treatment; many other cosmetic acne treatments involve undergoing two separate treatments in order to banish acne but improve the look of the scars that can be left behind. With acne laser treatment this isn’t something you need to worry about as the treatment treats the scarring left behind whilst also fighting the bacteria that cause the acne. The risks involved with laser treatment for acne are VERY rare and on the minor side compared to other acne treatments, these include redness to the skin and the small chance of contracting an infection as a result of the treatment.

It is usually advised that patients sit a course of 3 sittings of acne laser treatment with 1 month between each sitting in order to gain the best possible results. However, this may increase or decrease depending on the patients specific needs.
The team at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offer acne laser treatment.

Suffering with acne – or the after effects – can be an extremely frustrating and confidence shattering thing, that leaves many suffers feeling hopeless in their attempts to improve the condition of their skin. Acne laser treatment can prove to be the solution for many suffers, and many of our patients see an outstanding improvement in the condition of their skin following the treatment.

If you are seriously considering undergoing acne laser treatment then we strongly suggest consulting an experienced cosmetic professional, like the team here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to each and every patient.

If you would like more information on acne laser treatment then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today. Service available in Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent.