Anti-Ageing Hand Treatment at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

We all want to look as young as possible, for as long as possible. It’s easy to become obsessed with rejuvenating the look of our face to pursue ever-youthful looks, especially because the face is where people’s eyes are usually drawn. However there is another part of our body – that is just as much on show – that can be a telltale sign of ageing. Your hands can give away your real age, yet we often pay them little notice. Age spots, prominent veins and wrinkles can all appear on the hands; but there are quick and effective methods to combat ageing on the hands – here we reveal all.

Why Do Our Hands Age?

In order to fight the signs of ageing on the hands, you should understand what causes them to age in the first place. The main issue we see on ageing hands is prominent veins and wrinkles, which are formed when the body’s collagen production begins to slow down – as early as our late twenties. The breakdown of collagen makes the skin more susceptible to loss of volume, and consequently the formation of lines and wrinkles. Due to the lack of fat in the hands, they’re one of the first body parts to fall victim to the visible signs of ageing in this way – which can lead to lines, wrinkles and visible veins.
Another way in which the hands can visibly age is the development of age spots. This is simply caused neglecting the hands of adequate sun protection. Our hands are constantly within direct sunlight as we go about our daily routine, and not protecting the skin from harmful UV rays can result in hyperpigmentation and sun spots.

IPL Treatment for Ageing Hands

Anti-ageing hand treatment uses IPL laser technology to improve the look of ageing skin. IPL laser treatment can effectively even out uneven skin tones on the skin (such as sun spots) by penetrating the skin with a series of wavelengths designed to break down pigments and restore even skin tone. Age spots can often be removed with just 1 or 2 sessions of laser treatment. Following treatment the skin darkens and the age spots usually peel off over a course of 7-10 days.

Like all cosmetic treatments, IPL laser therapy has some minor risks associated with it. Potential side effects include the risk of infection, the darkening of skin and the loss of pigmentation. These risks should be carefully considered and factored into a decision when considering undergoing anti-ageing laser therapy on the hands.

A Professional’s Opinion

Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock, the Cosmetic Doctor at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, said the following on the treatment:

“The hands can be a real giveaway of a person’s age, but thanks to anti-ageing hand treatment, patients can hold back the signs of ageing for a little bit longer. Like all cosmetic treatments, the key to achieving the best results possible is to do your research. Patients should gather as much information as possible on anti-ageing hand treatment before pursuing it; including learning what the treatment involves, the risks involved with anti-ageing hand treatment and which cosmetic professional is right for them. A great way to learn some of this is to have a consultation with a practitioner. A consultation will not only give you the chance to get any questions you have answered in a correct and educated way, but will also give you an insight into how the practitioner works. This is beneficial, as it will allow you to decipher whether the cosmetic professional is able to cater to your individual needs.”

If you would like more information on anti-ageing hand treatment, book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic by contacting the clinic directly. The services are available in Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent.