Profilho Skin Boosters

As we age, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, leading to a dull, dehydrated and sagging appearance. Restylane Vital and collagen remodelling products such as Profhilo hydrate and improve your skin to reduce sagging and restore radiance.

Profhilo delivers very high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance which the body uses to retain water and support collagen and elastin. This is delivered into the skin through a series of small injections.

The result of Profhilo’s intensive hyaluronic acid boost is wonderfully hydrated, tightened and lifted skin. Areas that could benefit from profilho skin boosters include acne scarring, sun damage, superficial wrinkling on the cheeks from damaged elastin though smoking, fine wrinkling on the decolletage and neck and loss of volume in the hands.

Profhilo is suitable for most people who want to deal with the effects of skin ageing and acne scarring. Please speak to a member of the team for further information.

Profhilo can be used alongside many of our other treatments. For example, Profhilo is the perfect partner for botox®  treatments. While botox®  tackles wrinkles caused by specific muscles, the Profhilo will give an overall radiance boost. Dermal fillers can also be used in conjunction with Profhilo, adding volume to specific areas.

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Where can be treated with Profhilo Skin Boosters?

Profhilo is effective in dealing with general skin laxity and increasing overall radiance. It can be used to combat the signs of ageing in your face (particularly the cheeks), neck, décolletage, chest, stomach, inner arms, hands and knees.

What can I expect from Profhilo treatment?

There may be a slight stinging feeling as the Profhilo is injected, but this will only last a few seconds.

You’ll be able to go about your normal life immediately after treatment. You may also see an immediate improvement thanks to the hydrating effect, but it can take a few weeks before you start to notice the real results of your treatment. Profhilo encourages your body to produce its own anti-ageing collagen and elastin.

After about a month you should expect your skin to feel smoother, softer, tighter and plumper. At this point you will need a second treatment to fully stimulate the collagen and elastin production for optimal results.

How long do Profhilo Skin Boosters last for?

The treatment has an optimal effect for around a month, but a course of treatment will see long lasting improvements. Over time, the profhilo is integrated into the skin, where it stimulates your natural collagen and elastin production, meaning that the rejuvenating effects of your treatment will continue even after Profhilo has been naturally broken down.

After your initial treatments, a Profhilo treatment every six months should be sufficient to maintain the benefits.

How do Profhilo Skin Boosters Differ from Dermal Fillers?

While both use moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers are designed to stay in a single place, adding instant plumpness to sagging skin.

Profhilo works differently. It integrates with the skin to trigger your own, natural, anti-ageing processes.

Both treatments have equally impressive benefits.

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