Is Botox Always The Best Choice?

Is Botox Always The Best Choice?

Muscle relaxing injectables such as Botox have long been a staple of the non-surgical cosmetic industry, and arguably the most well-known and publicised aesthetic treatment available in the UK and across the world. Botox and the like are popular with celebrities and regular folk alike, but is this injectable liquid really the saviour of our youthful looks – and more importantly is it always the right choice for those looking to hold back the hands of time?

Before we assess the pros and cons of muscle relaxing injections let’s begin with the most important question: what actually is the muscle relaxing injection known collectively as Botox?

Let’s bust a myth: Botox is not a treatment, it’s a brand of muscle relaxing injection. The most popular brand of muscle relaxing injection on the market, Botox is mainly used as part of anti-ageing treatment for the face, but can also be used for different purposes, such as to block sweat glands to prevent excess sweating. As an anti-ageing treatment, Botox is used as a muscle relaxing injectable. Lines and wrinkles form, largely, due to Mother Nature and the overuse of facial muscles; Botox essentially freezes the muscles preventing further creasing to the area of concern. Many of us overuse our facial muscle on daily basis without realising; talking and simply conveying emotion forces the skin to adapt to the shapes your muscles are making. This can often result in the skin being ‘folded’ or stretched. This isn’t such an issue in our youth, as the elasticity within our skin (thanks to high levels of collagen) allows our skin to bounce back from these strains with ease. However, as we enter our late twenties and early thirties our bodies natural collagen production begins to slow down, and this means our skin is no longer able to bounce back quite to easily. As a result wrinkles and lines are formed – typically around the eyes and forehead. Botox and other muscle relaxing injections ‘correct’ this issue by paralysing the chosen muscles, therefore making it virtually impossible for the muscle to move and in turn crease the skin. Botox and muscle relaxing injections are not the same as dermal fillers, and do different jobs when it comes to anti-ageing, however they can be used side-by-side safely – in the right hands!

What are the pros and cons of Botox?

Botox is an extremely popular cosmetic treatment and for good reason; the treatment comes with an abundance of positives. For example, Botox provides patients with almost instant results that can make visible differences to the look of the skin and face. Botox also gives patients results that can in some cases rival those of more invasive procedures without the weighty cost, discomfort and recovery period. For many patients a big selling point of Botox is its convenience – Botox treatment can be fitted into short 30 minute sessions which are easy to fit into your schedule without too much inconvenience.

Botox has many pros but like all cosmetic treatments it also must be considered carefully prior to booking your session. For example, Botox isn’t a permanent solution to your ageing concerns and the effects of the treatment to wear off after up to 6 months so you will need top-up sessions. Most patients however do believe the maintenance is a fair trade for a less wrinkled look. It’s also vital you visit a trained expert, such as those at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, as in the wrong hands this treatment can lead to a frozen look, made infamous by celebrities across the globe.

Who are right candidates for Botox?

Good candidates for Botox treatment can be both men and women, hoping to improve the look of ageing skin or preserve the condition of their skin. In recent years there has been a surge in the amount of younger patients opting for Botox injections to preserve their youthful look too. You’ll need a full consultation to find out if Botox is suitable for you and your body and/or needs.
Dr Alice Hudson-Peacock’s opinion

“Botox is an ever popular cosmetic treatment that is a staple of most cosmetic clinics and surgeries; Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is no different. Botox can provide amazing results if performed by a qualified and experienced professional. There are plenty of people that offer Botox injections, you can even buy it online, but I would strongly suggest to anyone considering undergoing Botox treatment to consult a cosmetic professional that specialises in facial rejuvenation for the best results. Doctors such as myself are extensively trained to understand the skin and facial structure on a deeper level, and as a result we can offer much better (and safer!) results. Here at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic we specialise is non-surgical treatments like this, and have many patients that have sat Botox treatment with us and received outstanding, natural-looking results.”

It is of the up most importance that if you are considering undergoing Botox treatment – or any other cosmetic procedure – that you book a consultation and ask all the questions you feel you need answered in order to make the right decision for you. If you would like more information on Botox treatment then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic today.