So Botox Hits Ashford, But Is It The Right Option For You?

There are professional botox services now available in the Kent, Ashford, Faversham and Folkestone areas that replicate  those offered in Canterbury by a skin and laser company, so now seems like a good time to cast the iron while it’s hot. However, we have to ask ourselves is this the correct decision? What decides if someone should have botox or not?

Well the first thing to remember is that you have a right to be beautiful, and if technology is out there that can now do this then why not take advantage? After all, removing facial wrinkles can be a very empowering experience and can make you feel like a new person all over again. You only have to look in the media to see great examples of beautiful people that have been helped by the procedure. The other thing to remember about botox is only the cases where the end result has gone wrong are the things that you hear about that hit the headlines. You don’t hear about the thousands of procedures that your favourite striking celebrities have had that have made them into what they are today. The bottom line is providing that you use a reputable practitioner you are very likely to get good results that you’ll be astounded with. People who attend ‘botox parties’ and try the procedures with friends have only themselves to blame. It is these types of procedures that create a bad name for botox and could be avoided if the people went to a medical setting with all the correct equipment on hand.

People should also have done their research before they attempt any botox/dermatology procedures. They should acknowledge that botox isn’t dermal filler; it is a procedure that blocks nerve impulses to stop contraction. However, dermal fillers to treat wrinkles are also available from the same skin and laser services as are laser hair and acne treatments. Any of these are successful solutions that can be used to really bring out your beauty and enable you to look in the mirror and compare yourself to those celebrities you strive to emulate. Remember to think logically, weigh up your options, and whatever you choose have it carried out by a trained doctor that is experienced and ready to suit your needs.

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