Botox in Kent: Dream of Beauty or Nightmare of Horror?

It’s often debated by the nation’s fashion gurus whether the pros of having botox treatment outweigh the cons. However, aside from the hugely sensationalised media documenting the actions of super rich mega stars; is botox a realistic option for the average member of society? Is it cost effective and what is the risk involved?

People seem to have a misconception as regards the use of botox. The mere mention of the word in a conversation often provokes thoughts of fear and stereotypical opinions from many people. These are people that fail to acknowledge that botox is actually a medical practice also used by doctors in order to treat muscle spasms and has been approved for many years now. The other obvious use for it is for cosmetic reasons which we see in on screen in movies and commercials everyday and is also legally accepted and becoming part of mainstream society. When you look at it in this light you have to question people’s judgment for not taking advantage of modern technology to improve their look.

The interesting point about our society is that we like to create icons and idolize beautiful people that we see in our favourite movies and television shows, but have a stigma attached to using the exact same botox procedures those people use when it applies to the everyday person on the street. We might drool over beautiful stars on the television but then be as critical as possible of someone strolling down the streets of Kent who has also undergone botox. Obviously, there are certain dangers to having botox if you don’t choose a professionally skilled practitioner and it’s the people that choose these cost cutting measures that create the horror outcomes that unfortunately tar the rest of the industry with the same brush.

There are good, professional solutions out there such as skin and laser companies with professional doctors that will offer botox in Kent, Ashford, Faversham and Folkestone and will create good results with little pain. Using a service like this, you can get rid of those annoying glabellar lines while being treated with topical anesthetic cream so you feel very little pain. This is a far cry from those low-budget small operations that get a bad name for botox with bad results. Essentially administering something that is blocking nerve impulses to stop contractions should only be done by professionals. When this is done the results can actually be superb, with those frustrating frowns of anger and tiredness hidden from the world.