Celebrities love dermal fillers – find out why!

Celebrities love dermal fillers – find out why!

Celebrities love dermal fillers – find out why!

Move over Botox – there’s a new treatment taking over Hollywood! It’s no secret that dermal fillers have risen in popularity across the world this year, but how have these non-surgical injectables become the number one celebrity treatment?

Dermal fillers are an injectable treatment available here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. Versatile and effective, we’ve seen a massive increase in patients seeking fillers out over muscle relaxing injections this year – no doubt this is partly because of the wide variety of famous faces openly opting for this treatment.

From the likes of reality TV star Kylie Jenner undergoing lip augmentation with dermal fillers, to actress Nicole Kidman admitting she chose dermal fillers to help reduce ageing lines and wrinkles around her eyes – there’s no shortage of celebs lining up to undergo dermal filler treatment.

Dermal fillers offer patients a variety of rewards – not only can they be used as an anti-ageing treatment (filling in lines, crows feet and so on) they are also used to augment facial features without surgery costly or painful surgery. Suitable for use during non-surgical nose reshaping and lip augmentation, dermal fillers are by far one of the most flexible cosmetic injectables on the market.

Like muscle relaxing treatments, dermal fillers are administered by injection and, as a result, in a quick treatment time. Usually takes no more than 40 minutes to perform anti-ageing treatments like dermal fillers are the perfect solution for men and women looking for speedy results with minimal effort and minimal downtime.

Dermal fillers provide safe facial rejuvenation results and require no recovery time, making them the perfect anti-ageing or augmentation option for patients with busy lifestyles. It’s not hard to see why the celebrities we all know and love are opting for these clever injectables!

Get the celeb treatment and service at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

The team at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic in Kent – treating patients from Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and beyond – pride themselves on their ability to not only provide excellent dermal fillers results but also on our dedication to inform and reassure our patients throughout their treatment process.

The experienced specialist doctors are professional members of the cosmetic industry who provide outstanding results – it makes sense to choose the best in the business to trust with your dermal filler treatment.

If you would like more information on celebrity-loved dermal fillers – or any other non-surgical cosmetic treatments including muscle relaxing injections and chemical skin peels – then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today.