Why Choose Dermal Filler Treatment With Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

Why Choose Dermal Filler Treatment With Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

Holding back the signs of ageing can be a difficult thing to achieve, and is an issue that many men and women struggle with. Although we all know that we can’t keep the lines and wrinkles at bay forever, many of us are trying to strike up that balance between looking younger for longer without going to extremes leaving us looking unnatural. There are plenty of cosmetic treatments to choose from when it comes to keeping the hands of time still and, if performed properly, a top choice is dermal filler treatment. With so many uses and positives it’s no surprise that dermal fillers have taken over the non-surgical aesthetics world – they’re affordable, effective and simple!

Dermal filler is used as a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that works essentially as a skin plumper to fill in fine lines and wrinkles which many of us develop as we get older. Although dermal fillers are primarily used to improve the look of lines and wrinkles, the cosmetic injectable is also used in many other types of cosmetic treatments. Dermal fillers are by far one of the most flexible cosmetic injectables on the market and are used within a number of cosmetic treatments. Examples of this include lip augmentation, where dermal fillers are used to enhance the size and/or the shape of lips, and within non-surgical nose reshaping treatment where dermal fillers are used as a contouring tool.

Dermal fillers are administered by injection and as a result in a quick treatment time – usually takes no more than 40 minutes to perform – making it the perfect treatment for those looking for speedy results with minimal effort and minimal downtime. Dermal fillers provide almost instant results and require no recovery time, making them the perfect anti-ageing option for patients with busy lifestyles.

Dermal filler treatment can provide patients with incredibly natural looking results if performed right, by an extensively trained expert. We’ve all seen less than impressive examples of dermal filler treatment on celebrities and ‘real’ folk alike, and this draws patients to shy away from dermal filler treatment – but this does not need to be the case. Dermal fillers can provide amazing anti-ageing results when performed correctly by a trained cosmetic professional and this is why we strongly recommend patients undergo dermal filler treatment with experts like those found at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic right here in Kent.

Why us?

Dermal filler treatment is a skin plumping treatment and as a result we would strongly suggest that patients considering undergoing this treatment should do so with a qualified and practising injectable expert. Although most cosmetic doctors and cosmetic surgeons (may be dentists and nurses instead) are able to provide dermal filler treatment they may lack the in-depth knowledge of the facial structure and skin that injectable experts have, therefore compromising the results you may receive. Here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we specialise in giving our patients the best possible standard of cosmetic treatment lead by our team of experts who specialise in this field. Who understands facial anatomy and aesthetic balance of facial features better than anti-ageing experts, after all!

At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic you will sit a consultation with one our residential dermal filler specialists, like Dr Alice Hudson-Peacock, who will talk you though the details of dermal filler treatment whilst answering any questions you may have concerning dermal filler treatment or any other cosmetic treatment in order to secure your piece of mind.

The team at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic pride themselves on their ability to not only provide excellent results but also on our dedication to inform and reassure our patients throughout their treatment process. The experienced specialist doctors are professional members of the cosmetic industry who provide outstanding results – it makes sense to choose the best in the business to trust with your dermal filler treatment.

If you would like more information on dermal fillers – or any other non-surgical cosmetic treatment – then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today.