Control Your Excess Sweating With Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Control Your Excess Sweating With Hyperhidrosis Treatment

As the weather gets warmer more and more of us struggle to keep cool and feel fresh due to sweating, however for some of us this is a much more serious, chronic issue. Excessive sweating is a much more common condition than most people think, and can leave many suffers feeling self-conscious and guarded within social situations. Many sufferers feel too embarrassed to seek professional help for their condition.

If you are a sufferer then there is nothing to be embarrassed about; your condition can be controlled in a simple and pain-free way thanks to hyperhidrosis treatment. A non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to vastly improve the amount you can sweat, it leaves patients feeling much more comfortable and confident within their body. Hyperhidrosis treatment involves injecting muscle relaxing injections (such as Botox) into the armpits or other areas of excessive sweating in order to freeze the sweat glands and dramatically lower the amount of sweat produced. Hyperhidrosis treatment is usually performed within 30-45 minutes and does not require much recovery time; you don’t need to take time off work for treatment. Patients may experience a small amount of bleeding, swelling and bruising within the site of injection following treatment. These side-effects are very rare and minor, and usually subside within a couple of hours following treatment.

Is it safe?

Hyperhidrosis treatment is a rather simple treatment and as a result the risks involved with treatment reflect this. The only known risk involved with hyperhidrosis treatment is the risk of infection and possible muscle and nerve damage. These are extremely rare to encounter and shouldn’t be something you experience when undergoing treatment with qualified and experienced cosmetic professionals, as always strongly recommended. Although hyperhidrosis treatment does come with some risks and possible side-effects it also comes with wealth of positives too. For example hyperhidrosis treatment is a quick and convenient treatment. As mentioned earlier the treatment has an average procedure time of just 30-45 minutes and requires no recovery time, making the treatment extremely practical for patients.

We known many of you are strapped for free time and don’t have the time for lengthy recovery processes; hyperhidrosis treatment allows patients to get the relief from excessive sweating patients want, without the interfering with their daily routine too much. In addition, hyperhidrosis treatment is also a flexible treatment that can be performed on a number of different areas of the body (including the hands) to relieve patients from excessive sweating. This is a huge benefit as it means patients can tackle more than one area of their body with this effective treatment.

“Hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects millions of people and can be a real source of self-consciousness for many sufferers, explains Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock from Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. “They can often feel restricted by their condition and it can affect many aspects of their lives. Hyperhidrosis treatment gives these sufferers a way to control their condition to a standard that they feel comfortable with and many patients see a huge difference in their confidence as a result.”

If you are considering undergoing hyperhidrosis treatment then the team at the clinic suggests consulting an experienced and qualified cosmetic professional. Naturally you want the best results possible and the best way to guarantee this is to undergo treatment with a proven cosmetic professional. If you would like more information on hyperhidrosis treatment then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today. Our services are available in a number of locations including Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent.