Dermal Fillers Set To Rise In Popularity over 2015

Dermal Fillers Set To Rise In Popularity over 2015

With 2014 well and truly over it’s that time of year when many cosmetic industry experts put their minds to the task of predicting what the big trends are going to be within the industry for the next twelve months. This is usually estimated in an educated way by collecting the data from various cosmetic clinics and surgeries in order to see which procedures have had the biggest increase in enquiries over the past year. Dermal fillers have officially topped the list of non-surgical cosmetic treatments on the up for this year (source: whatclinic.com, 2015) with a massive 130% increase in enquires over the last twelve months.
Dermal fillers V Botox

So does this mean dermal fillers might steal the facial rejuvenation crown long held by muscle relaxing injections, like Botox? It might be surprising to some as dermal fillers are certainly nothing groundbreaking in the world of cosmetic and aesthetics treatments. Skin-plumping cosmetic treatments have been used for years to improve the shape and volume of the face. Dermal fillers specifically – depending on which you opt for – offer a range of benefits; from nose reshaping to filling scar pits. Experts may contribute this to several different reasons, but dermal fillers will likely be an increasingly popular treatment because they are both versatile and capable of turning back the clock. Unlike Botox, fillers are more adaptable; anti-ageing experts can use the injectables for various reasons and to treat contrasting issues. Facial rejuvenation using non-surgical treatments like fillers and skin peels, have always been a popular at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, particularly with patients unhappy with the signs of ageing, and dermal fillers have remained one of the most popular youth-boosting treatments, particularly in women.

Why dermal fillers?

For many people ageing skin is something that they do not wish to live with, and understandably so. We live in a society based on looks, and there is more focus than ever on looking youthful and beautiful. Unsurprisingly, this frequently leads patients to seek cosmetic intervention to aid their ageing woes. If used precisely, and in the hands of an experienced injectable expert, dermal fillers are able to give a more natural anti-ageing result than any other non-surgical injectable on the market.
So what exactly is a dermal filler? These non-invasive injections are a pain-free cosmetic injection that essentially plumps up the skin. Depending on the purpose they are intended for, dermal fillers are an extremely flexible and adaptable cosmetic injectable; they can be used exclusively or as part of wider facial rejuvenation (e.g. they work well alongside Botox) procedures and treatments. Fillers can be used all over the face, including as a plumper/shaping tool as part of lip augmentation treatment or as a contouring tool within non-surgical nose reshaping treatment.

What the experts say

The news that dermal filler treatment enquiries are up by 130% is a huge boost for both cosmetic doctors and surgeons all over the UK. Our resident expert Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock, one of the medical directors here at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic explains what she thought of this news.

“It’s a wonderful lift, not just the cosmetic industry but patients too, that dermal filler treatment looks to be on the rise. In recent years we seem to have seen a difference in how empowered patients now feel when choosing the right cosmetic treatment for them. Years ago many patients fell into the thought process that surgery was the only solution, but in recent years that has changed dramatically,” explains Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock.

“I think patients are now much more clued up and researched in cosmetic procedures and treatments than they have ever been, and it’s a testament to the quality of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that patients are showing interest in these treatments and returning to them again and again instead of picking surgery.”

“I strongly believe that cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers should be carried out by professionals that really do understand the skin and facial contours on a superior level. I’m a qualified and practising cosmetic doctor and would strongly suggest anyone that is considering undergoing dermal filler treatment to undergo it with a highly-skilled expert that’s undergone advanced training,” she concludes.

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