Ditch Unwanted Hair Forever With Laser Hair Removal

Ditch Unwanted Hair Forever With Laser Hair Removal

Femininity: for most of us this word conjures up images of soft and smooth skin and being fuzz-free from top to toe. Unfortunately for many women this is a far cry from truth, as the soaring rates of ladies seeking hair removal treatment has tripled in the last year alone.

For some, a simple shaving or waxing routine is all that is needed to maintain the smooth or hairless look many women strive for. However, there are those who struggle with the maintenance of their body and facial hair – but fear not. If this is you you’re not alone. Millions worldwide have found the solution, and it’s called laser hair removal.

Popular with famous faces such as Kim Kardashian – who claims she’s had much of her face treated due to her Armenian heritage – laser hair removal is a non-surgical energy-assisted treatment that gives patients a long term solution to their unwanted facial and body hair. Laser hair removal works wonderfully on those with darker hair, which is great as the majority of women that suffer with notable hair are those of a darker hair colour.

The process of removing unwanted hair isn’t an overnight treatment, but with regular sittings the results are considered permanent, and worth the investment. Laser hair removal treatment is usually undertaken over a course of 4-6 sittings in a 12 month period; however this does vary depending on the patient’s individual case.

The treatment isn’t painful but some patients do experience a slight stinging sensation throughout the treatment as the laser penetrates the hair. Patients considering this treatment will need to stop shaving or waxing the site of treatment 2-3 weeks prior to undergoing treatment in order to give the laser the 1mm hair length needed to penetrate the skin. A small price to pay for a lifetime of smooth, fuzz-free skin – as many patients agree.

Laser hair removal treatment offers a wealth of positives that patients experience as a result of undergoing laser hair removal treatment. For example, laser hair removal allows patients to rid themselves of their unwanted face or body hair for the long term, which is a huge bonus for most as it means they no longer need to worry or feel self conscious of their unwanted hair in social situations.

Patients often feel much happier with their body as a whole after completing treatment, as excess hair – particularly on the face – can make them feel unfeminine and even unattractive. With the help of laser hair removal treatment many of our patients often feel much more confident in their own skin, which in turn gives their confidence a boost.

Expert Opinion at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

Laser hair removal treatment has become more and more popular over the past couple of years, as many women strive to achieve smooth legs or hair-free faces without the hassle of regular salon maintenance,” explains Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock. “For many women the task of shaving or waxing can be an inconvenient or even painful chore that provides only short term results.”

“With laser hair removal, patients can enjoy long-term results and improved confidence which in turn leaves them feeling happier with their appearance,” she continues.

“At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we specialise in laser treatments such as laser hair removal, and we’re dedicated to providing patients with the best possible results, making our clinic the best place to undergo your laser hair removal treatment in the Kent, Dover, Ashford and Canterbury areas, and beyond,” Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock concludes.

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