Exilis won the best skin tightening and body contouring device in 2012 and 2013 and the latest Exilis Elite model was the winner of that category in 2014 and 2015. It further won the best energy treatment of the year in 2017

Exilis Elite uses Radio Frequency (not laser) to produce heat to tighten the skin of the face and neck. It uses a combination of RF and Ultrasound to break down the fat on the body. The fat is liquefied and metabolized in the liver and lymphatics.

It is the best non-surgical treatment now available for the indications below:

  • jowls

  • eye bags

  • loose skin on the neck/decolletage

All treatments are performed by the Aestheticians following an initial free assessment by the Doctor.

Face/ Neck

The initial course consists of 4 treatments at 1-2 weeks intervals, plus consolidation session at 12-14 weeks.

Each session consists of a double pass treatment.  (We treat for double the standard time in order to achieve better results, hence the double pass and longer treatment time than standard.)

Prices are as follows:

Course of 4 sessions at 1-2 weeks intervals, plus consolidation treatment 12-14 weeks later (total 5 sessions)

Eye or Neck – £950

Jawline and Neck – £1600  

Full Face – Jawline, Neck and Eyes – £1950

Maintenance Session every 6 months: 

Eye or Neck – £220

Jawline and Neck – £280  

Full Face – – £320

Body Treatments:

It is an excellent treatment for localised areas of fat reduction and body contouring. We have also had great results with stretch marks and cellulite reduction from a course of Exilis Elite treatment.

Course of 4-6 sessions at 1-2 weeks intervals

1-2 areas £220, Course of 4 sessions – £850, Course of 6 sessions – £1200

3-4 areas £280, Course of 4 sessions £1100, Course of 6 sessions – £1500                                                                       (1 area is the size of the grounding pad = half A4)