Father’s Day Gift Ideas

dads want to look youthful too- some father's day ideas for dads

Dads want to look youthful too- some father’s day ideas for dads

 Here are a few options to get for Dads:

Microdermabasion/ Chemial Peel– deeply exfoliates the skin to reduce blackheads, ingrown hairs, acne spots and superficial acne scars etc. Brings back smooth, soft skin! Treatment starts at £65 per session.

Laser hair removal– is increasingly popular in men! It helps to reduce shaving rash from ingrown hairs on the cheeks and neck, making shaving much easier. It is also popular for the back where a reduction rather than complete clearance can be the targeted result. A patch test is required (£40) and a course usually consists of 6 treatments.

Anti-agieng treatments- A recent study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology has found that the number of men getting Botox injections has skyrocketed 258% over the last decade. It reported that men are much more proactive about their appearance-related concerns now. It further reports that men who have tried Botox for the frown lines makes them feel better, less angry looking and more relaxed. They believe it gives them a competitive edge, especially in a highly competitive job market.   Botox starts at £220 with nurse Karen. Another condition that Botox works very effectively for is underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis. This can be an embarrassing problem both socially and at work. Botox can eliminate sweating in this area by up to 100%  and can last 6 months or longer, making this one of the most cost effective and satisfying treatments to have.

Thread veins/ rosacea on the face– most commonly on the nose and cheeks. These can be readily treated with just one or 2 laser sessions. Treatment is quick and involves little or no down time. Results are usually instant and can last for many years. Treatment starts at £250- £300 for first session and from £150 for subsequent sessions if needed.

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