Female Focus: Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Female Focus: Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When many of us think of adjectives to describe femininity, words such as curves and softness come to mind. However another one of these words is smooth. Excess hair can be an extremely embarrassing thing for some women who suffer with unwanted facial, back and arm hair. If this is you, you might feel like there isn’t much more you could be doing to hold your unwanted hair at bay but laser hair removal might hold a permanent solution to your unwanted hair woes.

Let’s be honest keeping up with shaving or finding time to fit in a bikini wax can be a real chore. We all love the results we receive after we have managed to take the time to tame our unwanted hair but the results are over too quickly and you can easily find yourself a prisoner to your shaving or waxing routine. If you would just like to say goodbye to pesky unwanted hair for good and start living your life hair and care-free then laser hair removal could be the answer.
Is it for me?

Laser hair removal treatment offers patients a long term and safe solution to their problem, and rids the body of unwanted hair forever. Laser hair removal essentially does this by effectively destroying the hair follicles within the area of application with a pulse of light. The laser is able to provide patients with long term ‘fix’ without causing any damage to the body, face or skin, and works particularly well on those with darker hair – which is handy as the majority of patients that suffer with noticeable unwanted fuzz have darker hair. The treatment also works of lighter hair colours such as blonde and red hair but might not provide the same level of results as with darker hair. This is because darker hair contains more pigments which are able to absorb the laser, making the treatment much more effective on dark hair.

Patients undergoing the treatment should also know that they are advised to stop waxing, plucking or threading 2-3 weeks before undergoing laser hair removal treatment and switch to shaving or cutting the hair instead. This is because in order for the treatment to be effective the laser needs some hair to absorb the energy to destroy the follicle. Ideally patients should have at least 1mm of hair at the site of treatment in order to gain the best results. Some patients report slight warmth when the laser is applied to the unwanted hair, but on the whole this is a fairly pain-free treatment, making it extremely popular at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, Kent.

Many patients are advised to sit a course of laser skin removal of 4-6 sittings in order to gain the best results possible from the treatment. Patients might experience some redness or soreness to the skin following laser hair removal treatment and the results of the process might not be visible right after the first sitting, but this will improve over time with most patients reporting a vast improvement by their third sitting.

Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock of Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic had this to say about laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment seems to be growing in popularity year on year and I can completely understand why. Woman want to feel as feminine and comfortable within their own skin as possible and for many of them that means removing unwanted hair. We think laser hair removal is a wonderful treatment at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, because it takes the chore out of hair maintenance for many people – and if it makes people’s lives a little happier and easier then that can only be a positive thing! Seek the advice of an experienced practitioner as they have a greater understanding of the skin and hair and are therefore much more likely to provide you with the results you want whilst also causing as little damage to the skin as possible.”

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