Fighting Adult Acne At Canterbury Skin And Laser Clinic

Fighting Adult Acne At Canterbury Skin And Laser Clinic

Fighting Adult Acne At Canterbury Skin And Laser Clinic

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The chances are if you’ve suffered with acne you’ve heard the following statements at some point.
“You’ll grow out of it.”

“Acne will go away on its own.”

“There’s nothing really that can treat acne.”

When you’re suffering with acne these statements are often the last thing you want to hear, especially when you know from experience that they’re not true.

According to one of the expert dermatologists at Canada’s Acne Awareness Week, “acne can be successfully treated in virtually every case.”

So what help is out there?

The first thing that you need to realise on your road to clearer skin is that you’re are not alone. Acne is one of the world’s most common skin conditions and can be controlled with the right method of treatment.

Over the counter products

The first option for fighting acne is using over the counter acne treatments. Your local chemist is full to the brim with acne treatments that claim to leave your skin clear, healthy and radiant. However, as many of you may already know, they often don’t live up to their claims. In order to avoid disappointment, the dermatologists at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic recommend using products that include ingredients that are cosmetically proven to improve acne prone skin, such as salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Prescribed treatments

If over the counter treatments haven’t worked for you, prescribed treatment might. Prescribed treatments come in a range of forms, from specialist cleansers to oral medications, and can be prescribed by your doctor. The benefit to using prescribed acne treatments is that it gives you a more bespoke form of treatment compared to the generalised method that over the counter treatments provide. This is because your doctor will be able to identify your particular case of acne much more easily, meaning they can prescribe the most effective treatment.

Cosmetic treatment

In some cases, oral medication and specialist skin products still do not tackle the acne condition, and a more hands on approach is needed. In these cases, cosmetic treatments may be best.

There are many forms of cosmetic treatment patients can undergo in order to improve the look of not only their acne, but also the scarring that can come with the condition. At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic treatments to improve the condition of acne prone skin; including dermaroller treatment, Nlite laser treatment, fractional laser resurfacing and chemical peel treatment.

“Cosmetic treatments, such as the ones available at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, are the most effective solution to acne and the subsequent scarring it can cause. However, it’s extremely important that you choose the right form of treatment for your individual needs. It is vital that you seek dermatological advice on which method of cosmetic treatment is right for your skin before making the decision to undergo treatment. This can help you save time and money on inappropriate treatments. Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic employs cosmetic dermatologists to help guide patients on the best form of acne treatment for them, meaning patients can gain the highest level of results possible,” said Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock, a consultant dermatologist at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.

If you would like more information on acne treatment, book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today by calling 01227 472288 or emailing reception@skinandlaser.co.uk. The clinic boasts a clientele in a wide range of locations including Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe, Margate, Thanet and Faversham.