Fighting Infected Nails With Fungal Nail Treatment

Fighting Infected Nails With Fungal Nail Treatment

For many of us the warmer months are something we look forward to but for some people the thought of letting their feet be seen in open toe shoes fills them with dread. Many people suffer with fungal nails and it can be a confidence destroying for many sufferers, especially around this time of year. If you are looking for a solution to your fungal nail condition then don’t fear; there is help out there in the form fungal nail treatment at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, Kent.

Diagnosing your condition

The first thing needed in order to gain healthier (and more attractive) toenails is to get a professional diagnosis of your nail condition. Many people suspect or even self-diagnose their nail conditions without seeking professional advice; most of the time this is due to them being too embarrassed to have their condition checked by a professional. However, it really is worth seeking the advice of a professional to certify your suspicions and guide you in the right direction for treatment. For many patients their genetics, diet, lifestyle and hobbies hold the answer to their toenail condition and could be the key to preventing further spreading of the infection. Booking a consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic can put your mind at rest and provide you with the solution to your toenail infection.

Following your diagnoses

Once your nail infection has been diagnosed a treatment consultation is the next step. During the consultation patients will be asked about their diet, lifestyle and family history of similar conditions in order to get a better picture of what the cause of the fungal infection is. During this consultation an examination of the infected nails will take place, and the cosmetic professional will also take clippings of the nails during this consultation too. This is carried out in order to confirm the diagnosis patients are given, and alert the cosmetic professional of any additional conditions patients may have that could affect the course of the treatment.

Laser fungal nail treatment

Laser fungal nail treatment is an effective solution to a number of toenail conditions including many fungal nail infections. The treatment can relieve the discomfort that can be caused by fungal nail infections whilst also improving the look of the infective nail. Leaving patients feeling happier, more comfortable and more confident with their toenails is the end goal. Laser fungal nail treatment is usually performed in an initial course of 3 sittings, with a 4 week interlude between treatments. However further sittings of the treatment might be needed in more stubborn cases of infection. Topical agents are also prescribed during this period to prevent further infection from forming.

Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock is the residential Cosmetic Doctor at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, and this is what she had to say about laser fungal nail treatment.

“It’s fundamental that patients start their journey to healthier toenails as soon as possible; the sooner the infection is diagnosed the better chance we have to prevent further damage to their nails. Laser fungal nail treatment is a wonderful cosmetic treatment that can change patient’s lives, and patients often feel much more confident in their way their feet look following treatment; feeling freer during the summer months that may have previously left them feeling too self-conscious. It’s vital that if patients are going to undergo treatments such as laser fungal nail treatment they do so with a qualified and experienced cosmetic professional, such as those here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. At the clinic we have a team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists all with an extensive background in cosmetic treatments. Our services are also available to those from a number of local locations, including Kent, Dover, Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet.”

If you are considering laser fungal nail treatment then don’t delay; book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser clinic today for healthier toenails.