Fungal Nail Laser Treatment For Spring!

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment For Spring!

With spring officially here, and summer holidays just around the corner for many of us, it’s time to bare all in our open toe shoes and sandals once more. No longer can you get away with wearing boots that cover up a multitude of foot issues, so it’s time to take action. For many of us this is a prospect that can fill us with dread, as we worry about our cracked, damaged or even fungal nails being on show. If you are one of these people who fear showing your nails and feet off during the warmer months, then laser fungal nail treatment might be the right option for you. At Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic we have the latest treatment to help rejuvenate your confidence and your nails.

Diagnosing your condition

The first step to getting healthier (and more attractive) toenails is to get a professional diagnosis of your fungal nail condition. Many people suspect – and even self-diagnose – their toenail condition as they are too embarrassed to visit a professional for their opinion. This is something that patients who suspect they have a toenail condition should avoid, as diagnosing the condition as quickly as possible is fundamental to preventing further damage being caused to the toenails. In many cases a patient’s genetics, diet, lifestyle and hobbies can hold the answer to their condition and can prevent the infection spreading. Book a consultation with Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic and find out the root cause of your condition!

Fighting Fungal Nail Infection

Following a diagnosis, a consultation is the next step in your journey to fungal-free nails. During this consultation an examination of the infected toenails will be performed as well, as nail clipping for microscopy and culture. This is necessary to not only confirm your toenail condition but also diagnose any additional concerns that may factor into your toenail infection allowing us to determine the true extent of the infection. Your dermatologist will also ask you questions about your diet, lifestyle and family history to help determine the best course of treatment for your individual case.

What is fungal nail laser treatment?

Laser toenail treatment can be an effective solution to a number of nail conditions including most fungal nail injections. Laser treatment can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms that come with nail infections, whilst also improving the look of the infected nail, leaving patients happier and more confident baring their feet throughout the warmer months. This type of treatment is performed in an initial course of 3 sittings, with a 4 week interval between treatments. However additional sitting may be needed for more stubborn forms of toenail infections. Topical agents are also usually prescribed for use during this period to prevent further infections from forming following treatment.

Dr. Alice Hudson Peacock from Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic and had this to say about laser treatment for fungal nail infections.

“Nail conditions such as fungal infections can affect the quality of a sufferer’s life in a number of ways. Not only can toenail conditions be extremely uncomfortable but they can also have a huge impact on the confidence. The warmer months of the year can often fill suffers with dread as they are forced to expose their condition for the world to see. Laser treatment can provide patients with the solution they are looking for to their unhealthy toenails. Not only can laser treatment provide a long-term solution to their condition, but the treatment is also quick and convenient. With an average procedure time of just 30 minutes patients can undergo treatment at a time that suits them with no inconvenience caused to the rest of their day.”

If you would like would like to know more about laser toenail treatment – or want to begin your journey to healthy looking skin – then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today. Serving Kent, Dover, Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet and all surrounding areas, the professional team can help you regain your confidence and treat any skin or nail conditions you’re concerned about.