Get Summer Ready With Exilis For Cellulite

Get Summer Ready With Exilis For Cellulite

With spring here and summer around the corner, many of us are booking our holidays. The pressure to get the perfect beach body in time is well and truly on, with many women hitting the gym in the hopes of shifting inches as well as cellulite. For some though, no matter what exercise regime or faddy diet we put ourselves through, the lumpy appearance of cellulite just won’t budge. It can be really frustrating, and leave many people feeling self-conscious of their body on the beach. If you’ve have enough of having your holidays over-shadowed by your cellulite woes then Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic has the solution: Exilis Elite. A popular fat reduction device here at the clinic, Exilis has now been approved for the treatment of cellulite by the FDA. But what is it, and what can it offer you?

Exilis is a cosmetic treatment that target areas of loose skin and cellulite with the help of radio frequency technology. The non-surgical treatment effectively penetrates the skin to provide heat energy that forces the collagen within the skin to remodel itself and create a tighter, more toned appearance to the site of application. Treatment with Exilis can provide a number of different beneficial results to patients, including a visible improvement in the tone and tightness of the skin as well as an improvement in the condition of patient’s cellulite. Pretty impressive for a device that offer a pain-free treatment in just 30-minutes sessions, right?

Why choose Exilis as a cellulite and body contouring treatment?

· Exilis is a great pain-free treatment that can provide patients with a wealth of benefits.
· When used on areas of loose skin or cellulite on the body, Exilis can provide skin tightening and toning results that can help patients feel more comfortable within their body.
· Exilis can also be used on the facial tissue to improve the tone of loosening skin within the neck and jowls.
· Exilis is a convenient treatment for the modern person requiring no recovery time thanks to its non-surgical nature
· Exilis is a very safe and effective cosmetic treatment that can provide patients with some amazing results.
· It’s a safe treatment and FDA approved

“It is recommended that patients undergo a course of 4-6 sittings of Exilis treatment with a 1-2 week interval between sittings to gain the best possible results from your treatment,” says Dr. Hudson-Peacock.

“If you are considering undergoing Exilis treatment then who would be better at providing a high standard of results then a team of qualified and a experienced skin experts? At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we a have a great team and treat patients from a number of locations including Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent,” concludes Dr. Hudson-Peacock.