Male Laser Hair Removal 101

Male Laser Hair Removal 101

Male Laser Hair Removal 101

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Women are no strangers the task of hair removal, and they often develop a body hair maintenance routine as they enter puberty. However, for many men this is an alien concept. With the rise of the beard, you may think that there is no desire for male hair removal, but not all males subscribe to the rugged look, preferring a clean cut appearance.

Body hair grooming or ‘manscaping’ is nothing new, but the pressure to maintain body hair is more so. Body hair preferences often come down cultural opinions and trends. However, like all trends, male body hair grooming comes full circle, so it’s often a good idea for men to seek a short term method of body hair removal. But if you are confident that you want to get rid of your body hair long term, laser hair removal might be worth considering.

Understanding laser hair removal

In order to make the right choice for you, you must first understand what laser hair removal is and how it works. To explain the details of laser hair removal, we called on the expertise of Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock, a cosmetic doctor at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to provide patients with a long term solution to their unwanted body hair. The treatment involves penetrating the skin with high levels of light energy beams. These beams effectively travel down the hair shafts through the pigmentation in the hair and destroy the hair follicle, making it near impossible for the hair to regrow.”

Understand that it is long term

One element that patients need to be aware of when committing to laser hair removal is that it produces long term results. This means that patients should be 100% sure that the treatment is the right option for them, as they may not be able to regrow their body hair, even if they choose not to continue with treatment.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

The great thing about laser hair removal is that it can be performed on a number of areas of the body. This is particularly positive when tackling male body hair, as it means patients can combat body hair in an array of areas including the chest, shoulders and back.

In addition to this, laser hair removal can also provide patients with a long term solution to unwanted body hair. Although this means that patients really do have to consider if the treatment is the right option for them, it’s also a huge plus to the treatment – patients can gain long term relief from a time consuming hair removal routine.

Are there any risks involved with laser hair removal?

Like all cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal comes with risks and potential side-effects that patients need to be aware of before making the decision to undergo treatment. These risks include an inflamed appearance to the skin following treatment, uneven complexion and the development of blisters. These risks are extremely rare to encounter, but should still be carefully considered by all patients.

Treatment at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

If you are considering laser hair removal, Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is the perfect place to have it. The clinic provides patients with IPL laser treatment to combat their unwanted body hair; this is one of the most sophisticated and sought after forms of laser hair removal treatment, and can provide patients with dramatic results. The clinic also boasts a team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists, which is a huge benefit when undergoing laser hair removal treatment as it means you can gain the results you want, safe in the knowledge that your treatment is being performed at the highest standard.

Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic’s services are also accessible in a wide range of locations in Kent and the surrounding towns; including Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe, Margate, Thanet and Faversham.

If you would like more information on male laser hair removal treatment, book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today by calling 01227 472288 or emailing reception@skinandlaser.co.uk.