Mole Removal Enquiries Up 86%

Mole Removal Enquiries Up 86%

Annually experts from the cosmetic industry look back at the year just gone and make their predictions of what is set to be the next big thing in the cosmetic world over the next twelve months. This involves researching the previous year and then calculating which procedures have seen the biggest increase in the amount of enquires they have gained compared to the previous year. Last year saw a massive 86% increase in the amount of enquiries about mole removal treatment (source: whatclinic.com, 2015) but what does that mean for the non-surgical aesthetics industry – and more importantly what does that mean you as a patient?

Mole removal is the removal of a mole for either cosmetic or health reasons, which can also apply to other skin abnormalities including skin tags and various lumps and bumps on the skin’s surface. During consultation, the mole and skin issue is closely examined in order to diagnose whether the mole is potentially cancerous or not. Once the mole has been fully checked over and a diagnosis has been formed, the patient can opt for a treatment at the clinic. During treatment a patient is given local anaesthesia and the mole is removed before being sent for histology to confirm the clinical diagnosis and so we can be absolutely sure that it is a benign lesion. At Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic we treat many patients for mole removal, and our dedicated team are some of the UK leading skin and dermatology experts – so you know you’re in safe hands.

Why the rise in mole removal?

Mole removal is far from a new treatment within the aesthetics industry and as a result many people may find it hard to believe that such a procedure could have grown so much in popularity over twelve months, but the statistics speak for themselves. Of course, many moles are removed simply for cosmetic reasons, but there must be other factors at play to see such an enormous rise in removal rates, right? This increase could be down to a number of different factors but the main one is likely to be better skin safety awareness thanks to well publicised media campaigns – although unfortunately last year also saw a surge in skin cancer referral rates. Increased cases of skin cancer have been attributed to holidays in hotter, far flung destinations, but we know all too well the dangers of sun overexposure here in the UK too. Thankfully, skin cancer can be treatable if caught early, and with more than ever known about the structure of moles and how they change dermatologists are able to treat patients sooner rather than later. Trust is therefore a massive factor, and patients have begun to gain confidence in the results treatments like mole removal can provide them.

Although this news is wonderful for both cosmetic professionals and patients alike, only time will tell if the large number of enquiries evolve into the rise in mole removal procedures being performed. Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock is a Consultant Dermatologist and Medical Director here at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic and had this to say about the news.

“As both a dermatologist and a director at a cosmetic clinic this is welcome news that we really hope does result in the increase of mole removal procedures predicted, but I urge patients to be careful if considering undergoing this treatment; choosing a dermatologist is the key to successful diagnosis/treatment. Patients should always seek the skills of a fully trained and practising dermatologist such as myself when undergoing mole removal treatment – whether for cosmetic or health reasons. No one understands skin health better.”

It’s undeniable that mole removal treatment is on the up and one that can benefit both cosmetic professionals and patients alike. Whether these new statistics will convert into a further rise in the number of mole removal treatments over the next twelve months is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure, if you are considering undergoing mole removal treatment make sure you consult a professional cosmetic dermatologist.

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