Rejuvenate Your Skin With Dermaroller Treatment

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Dermaroller Treatment

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Dermaroller Treatment

Summer – well, the week we had of it – is now over and it’s time to get back into the daily grind of modern life again. However, after our summer break out skin can begin to show the signs of sun damage. This can leave many people with dull and damaged skin. It can be extremely difficult to combat, and leaves many patients feeling self-conscious about the condition of their skin. To combat this unwanted side-effect of the summer sun, Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic offers a dermaroller treatment to its patients.

Dermaroller treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the appearance of a number of imperfections within the skin; including acne scarring, facial sagging and sun damage. The treatment involved puncturing the top layers of damaged skin by rolling a cosmetic roller infused with micro-needles over the skin’s surface.

Dermaroller treatment can help improve a number of skin complaints by promoting a faster skin recovery process and stimulating the growth of collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives the skin its resilience and youthful volume. The level of collagen present within our skin begins to decline during our mid-twenties and can extremely hard to replenish. Dermaroller treatment gives patients a way to restore a higher level of collagen, resulting in an improved appearance to the skin.

Dermaroller treatment comes with a wealth of reasons why patients should choose to undergo the treatment. For example, dermaroller treatment can provide patients with a way to combat a number of skin imperfections in just one simple treatment. Dermaroller treatment can help to improve a number of skin issues through its encouragement of collagen. Patients may see an improved appearance to elements such as acne scarring, deep set wrinkles and skin dulling.

Another benefit to this treatment is that it provides patients with a more time effective and economical solution to their damaged skin. Unlike some other forms of skin rejuvenation, dermaroller treatment can be performed in just 20 minutes and required little recovery time. This is a huge benefit for many patients as it means they can ageing the rejuvenated results to their skin that they want, in a convenient treatment that fits within their busy lifestyle.

Following treatment patients may see a red and inflamed appearance to the skin, this will subside dramatically over the following couple of days. It is also strongly advised that patients take extreme care of their skin during the healing process, making sure to wear sun protection every day. The results of dermaroller treatment may not be apparent right away as it takes time for the new collagen to grow. Patients usually begin to see an improvement to the condition of the skin within 6 weeks of undergoing the treatment.
Like all cosmetic treatments dermaroller treatment comes with its own set of risks and potential side-effects that patients need to be aware of. These risks include infection, inflamed appearance to the skin can scarring. These risks are rare to encounter, but should still be carefully weighed up by any patient considering dermaroller treatment.

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