Remove Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Remove Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal Treatment

With the warmer weather now here, many of us have booked our summer holiday and are looking forward sunning ourselves on the beach. But for many, baring all in a bikini involves preparatory hair removal like waxing or shaving – which can be painful, expensive and ineffective. If you have had enough of constant body hair maintenance, there is help out there in the form of laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that aims to give patients a long term solution to their unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal treatment has become an extremely popular treatment in recent years, and at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we harness the latest in laser hair removal technology in the form of Alexandrite laser, which provides patients with the best possible results. Laser hair removal treatment works by penetrating the hair follicles with laser wavelengths in order to destroy the hair pigmentation break down the follicle.

One of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment is that it provides patients with a long-term solution to their body hair. Body hair can be a source of embarrassment for many people, especially those with dark hair. Many people struggle with the necessary upkeep of their body, but laser hair removal provides results with longevity.

Another benefit of laser hair removal treatment is that the treatment is quick and convenient. With an average procedure time of 30 minutes and no recovery time needed, laser hair removal is the perfect treatment for the busy modern person. Patients can even sit the treatment in their lunch break and return to work right away.

Laser hair removal treatment can provide patients with excellent results, but it is also important to have realistic expectations about the limitations of the treatment. Laser hair removal will elicit considerably better results on those with dark hair, as the treatment relies on the pigmentation within the hairs to break down the follicle. Those with fairer, blonde or red hair may not gain the dramatic results that darker haired patients can expect.

Laser hair removal treatment isn’t a quick-fix cosmetic treatment but more of a long term solution; many patients sit a course of 4-6 sessions of laser hair removal treatment in a 12 month period in order to gain the best results possible. It is also advisable to stop shaving or waxing body hair 2-3 weeks prior to treatment, in order to gain the 1mm hair length needed in order to successfully perform the treatment.

Laser hair removal treatment does not hurt, but some patients report a dull stinging sensation during the treatment. Patients may also experience some redness to the skin following treatment, which will subside within few hours of treatment.

If you are considering undergoing laser hair removal treatment, booking a consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is the first step.

Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock, a Cosmetic Doctor at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, said:

“At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we have a team of cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and beauty therapists that are all experienced in dermatology. This is beneficial for those opting for cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, as a cosmetic professional with a background in dermatology will have a greater understanding of the skin and its limits. This will ensure you the best hair removal results possible without causing damage to the skin.

To learn more about laser hair removal, or to get your treatment journey underway, book a consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic by contacting the clinic directly. Our services are available in Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent.