Restore Youthful Volume With Dermal Filler Treatment

Restore Youthful Volume With Dermal Filler Treatment

Many of us see a difference in the fullness of our face as we start to get older. From our late thirties the youthful, plump cheeks we once had can become slightly sunken or even drooping in appearance. Dermal fillers may hold the answer to restoring the youthful fullness to your face, and at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we have some of the top experts in the UK ready to treat you.

It’s all about collagen

The face begins to lose volume due to a decrease in the production of collagen within our skin. This change slowly begins for happen from our late 20s onwards, and often leaves people with a loss of volume within the face – often around the cheeks – and affects the quality of the skin. Once the collagen has started to decrease many women find that their skin appears and feels much less firm than it used to be, and in turn becomes much more susceptible to lines and wrinkles forming. If this sounds familiar then dermal filler treatment might be the right cosmetic treatment for you.

So what are dermal fillers and why are they a popular treatment for those seeking facial rejuvenation? Dermal fillers have actually been a long celebrated and popular non-surgical cosmetic injectable. Fillers are a versatile group of cosmetic injectables that work as skin plumping treatments, but also have other cosmetic uses. Their volume enhancing properties gives them the ability to be adapted into many different cosmetic treatments to achieve different results. For example, dermal fillers can actually be used for non-surgical nose reshaping and lip enhancement to name a few. However, dermal fillers are most famously used as an anti-ageing treatment, thanks for their volumising abilities, dermal fillers can fill in deep set lines and wrinkles within the skin, as well as helping to restore the youthful volume to the face that ageing may have stripped away.

Dermal fillers come with a wealth of benefits that send thousands of patients worldwide to seek treatment each year. In fact, dermal fillers are now one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments available, coming second only to muscle relaxing injections like Botox Cosmetic. There are many reasons for this. Most notably, dermal filler treatment is super time-efficient, making it the perfect cosmetic anti-ageing treatment for patients with busy lifestyles. Many of us can find it hard to fit in a weekly gym session let alone undergo aesthetic treatments into our busy lives, but dermal fillers make it possible. With an average procedure time of just 15-30 minutes, dermal fillers make the perfect lunch-time treatment. Another positive to dermal filler treatment is flexibility. Thanks to their medium-term results dermal fillers are the perfect procedure for those wanting to dip their toe into cosmetic treatment without committing to a surgical procedure. Patients can renew or opt out of treatment as they wish, which is a huge plus for many. Like any cosmetic treatment there are risks, but these are incredibly rare. Possible risks include swelling, bruising and bleeding at the site of injection as well as the chance of contracting an infection as a result of treatment, but these are unlikely, and the treatment is considered very safe with predicable results.

Dermal filler treatment is one of our most requested cosmetic treatments, as it offers a simple solution to volume loss to the face. Dermal fillers offer patients flexibility and control over their cosmetic treatment whilst also providing fast-acting results. If you are considering dermal filler treatment remember to consult a cosmetic professional with experience performing the treatment such as the team at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. We can answer any questions you may have in a informed way, and our services are available in a wide range of locations to suit your individual needs including Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent.If you would like more information on dermal filler treatment at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic then book your consultation today.