Reversing Acne Scarring With Dermaroller Treatment

Reversing Acne Scarring With Dermaroller Treatment

Acne is the world’s most common skin condition and can impact sufferers in a number of different ways. Suffers often feel self-conscious and embarrassed about the condition of their skin, and for many of them being acne free feels like just a dream. Even if their acne does clear up, many suffers can find their skin is covered in dark marks and scarring as a result of the condition. This cruel trick of nature leaves many people unhappy their appearance, but if this sounds familiar there is a solution in the form of dermaroller treatment. Available now at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, covering Kent, Dover and more.

This is one treatment you may not have heard of, despite it being used in cosmetic treatment for many years. Dermaroller treatment is a non-surgical treatment that allows patients to not only improve the look and feel of acne scarring but also restore a healthy glow. The science is quite simple. Dermaroller treatment involves rolling a needle studded roller over the surface of the skin in order to prick the surface of the facial tissue. This promotes a skin repairing process and stimulates the growth of new collagen, in turn allowing the skin to rejuvenate itself.

Dermaroller treatment is a cosmetic treatment that is ever growing in popularity. It has a wealth of benefits that send thousands of patient to undergo treatment each year, says Dr. Alice Hudson Peacock from Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.

“Treatment with dermaroller can provide patients with a long-term improvement to the look of their acne scarred skin. Dermaroller treatment can also offer patients anti-ageing properties that can help fend off sagging and wrinkles within the facial tissue. Dermaroller treatment is also very convenient for the modern man or woman. With an average procedure time of just 30 minutes and no recovery time needed the treatment gives patients to opportunity to improve the look of their skin whilst not slowing them down in their daily routine,” she says.

Although dermaroller treatment does come with an array of benefits the treatment does still come with possible risks and side-effects, like any cosmetic treatment. These risks include skin infections and the development of skin conditions. It is extremely rare to encounter issues and it’s highly unlikely you will experience any when undergoing treatment with a qualified and experienced cosmetic professional – such as those here at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic.

The result of dermaroller treatment may not be instantly noticeable as it takes time for new collagen to renew in the skin. Patients usually can see a visible improvement within 6 months of undergoing the treatment which can improve more so over time. Although the treatment does not hurt, some patients experience some discomfort. However, numbing cream will be applied to the facial tissue 30 minutes before treatment to minimise any discomfort patients may experience.

“The key to gaining the best possible results from an acne scar treatment such as dermalroller is to find the right cosmetic professional to perform your treatment. At Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic we have a team of experts dedicated to providing the best possible results for all of our patients,” says Dr Hudson-Peacock.

“Consulting a cosmetic professional with a background in dermatology for such a treatment is a great idea as they will have a greater understanding of the skin and it’s limitation as well as being able to answer any unanswered questions you may have,” she concludes.

If you would like more information on dermaroller treatment then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic today. The clinic serves areas including Ashford, Folkstone and Thanet, as well as Kent and Canterbury.