Rosacea causes and treatment options

skin diseases

skin diseases

Rosacea is a common condition, far more common than you think!

In fact, 1 in 10 of us suffer from the symptoms of Rosacea, particularly in women between 30-60 years of age.   Symptoms can be variable, including redness, flushing, skin sensitivity, dry itchy skin and spots. It can also affect the eyes.

We are all aware that weather, stress, certain foods and alcohol can aggravate Rosacea, but did you know that certain foods even chocolates, bananas, avocado, spinach and pork can be pro-inflammatory?

Management includes using products for sensitive skin such as the Medik8 range which we use in the clinic; topical and/ or oral products on prescription; and medical grade IPL treatments to target the broken veins, redness and flushing. Botulinum toxin has also been used to help with the flushing and redness symptoms, but at a very different dilution to that used for dynamic lines and wrinkles.

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