Say Goodbye To Your Frown With Botox Injections

Say Goodbye To Your Frown With Botox Injections

With the weather still well and truly freezing, and getting back into the swing of work following the Christmas holidays hard for some of us, it’s sometimes hard to keep a smile on your face. A new year is meant to be an opportunity for a new you and frowning can result in wrinkles and a heavy looking brow. If it’s time to turn your frown up-side down then Botox injections might be for you.

Everyone’s heard of muscle relaxing injections, right? No longer just for celebs, and with techniques improving drastically, Botox injections are now one of the most famous non-surgical anti-ageing cosmetic treatments on the market. But what do you really know about these clever injections, and what can they do for you? Botox injections are a form of muscle relaxing injection that freezes muscles temporarily. Botox injections are an effective type of anti-ageing treatment, to reduce the signs of overuse of the facial muscles and inhibit further signs of ageing from forming.

Many of us overuse our facial muscles, especially within our brows and around our eyes, on a daily basis in order to express emotions and communicate with others. This isn’t an issue in our youth as our skin’s high levels of collagen allow the skin the bounce back from these strains. However, when these levels of collagen reduce, the strain on our skin causes the skin to form lines and wrinkles. Botox injections effectively paralyse the facial muscles making it impossible for the muscles strain or stretch the skin any more – pretty brilliant for a small injectable, right?

Botox injections are a great alternative to surgical anti-ageing treatments as they allow the patients to have much more control over their treatment and the results they achieve. Although surgical anti-ageing treatments have come a long way, they still do not allow the patients to concentrate on a specific area of the face in the same way non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections do. This is a huge plus of course because it avoids unnecessary treatment to an area of the face that doesn’t need it.

Botox injections also come with lower risks involved with treatment compared to its surgical rivals, although muscle relaxing injections can’t provide the same longer-lasting results of surgery. However Botox injection treatment does come with some risks including infection and damage to facial muscles and nerves. Whilst these risks should be seriously considered when making the decision whether Botox injection treatment is right for you they are rare, and in the right hands this treatment is safe and effective.

Muscle relaxing injection treatments such as Botox injection treatment can be performed by a number of cosmetic professionals, but for the best results we would strongly suggest undergoing treatment with a cosmetic doctor, dermatologist, or cosmetic professional with a background in facial rejuvenation and advanced knowledge about skin.

Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock is a consultant dermatologist at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic and had this to say about the importance of choosing the right cosmetic professional for your Botox injection treatments.

“As with any cosmetic treatment, choosing the right professional to perform your treatment is of the utmost importance; especially with Botox injections. This is because so many different forms of cosmetic professionals are able to perform this treatment, finding the right one with advanced training and a specific awareness of facial anatomy and facial balance can be even harder. Personally, I would strongly suggest that any patients considering undergoing Botox have their treatment with a cosmetic professional with a background in skin and facial rejuvenation. This is because they are trained to have a greater understanding of the skin and face and as a result will give you the best possible results from your treatment.”

If you would like more information on Botox injections then book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today. The Kent based clinic offers anti-ageing as well as dermatological treatments to keep you looking and feeling fantastic.