Allergy testing

The Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offer allergy testing as part of their comprehensive range of services, as we know how much allergies, intolerance and sensitivities can affect our lives.

Allergy is extremely widespread, affecting approximately half of the population in the UK at some point in their lives. Every year these numbers are increasing by around 5%, with as many as half of all sufferers being children.

What we do

If you are suffering from symptoms of an allergic reaction, it is more than worthwhile to be tested – whether that be to understand what has caused the reaction, or to have confirmation.

There are a number of tests available that can be carried out that will depend on your symptoms and condition of your skin.

Here at the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we offer the main types of allergy tests, including:

  • Blood tests
  • Patch tests

For the blood tests, we will simply carry out a test on a small sample of blood – normally taken from a vein in your arm – and you will find out the results within a week to two week period.

Patch testing is more specific to those suffering from eczema, where the allergy is suspected. With this, small doses of allergens are placed onto the skin in order to work out the cause of the skin reaction.

Allergy patch tests on the back

The interpretation of this form of testing is not as simple as it sounds and tends to be carried out by dermatology department in hospitals. The symptoms of contact dermatitis need to be brought under control before patch testing can be carried out, otherwise the results will be unreliable. Steroid creams need to be stopped for 3-4 weeks before testing as they may suppress the test response.

Any professional interpreting skin, blood or patch tests must first interpret the results in the light of the patient’s history. No test should be read in isolation.

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