What is Microdermabrasion?

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In the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we use a medical grade microdermabrasion machine with a pulsed oxygen feed for the ultimate luxury treatment. The pulsed oxygen pressure is used to push the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate cell renewal.

It provides a safe and effective treatment for:

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation and age spots
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Smokers skin
  • Acne and scarring
  • Stretch marks

milia, blackheads and acne lesions

milia, blackheads and acne lesions

The treatments are provided by our Aesthetic skin specialist. There is a bespoke range of microdermabrasion treatments e.g. anti-acne, anti-pigmentation, energising, anti-cellulite etc. Some stretch marks respond well to this treatment and some people can achieve a reduction in the appearance of brown age spots.

What are Microdermabrasion treatments like?

Each treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. There is usually minimal pinkness and many will notice a healthy radiant look and a firmer feel immediately after the 1st treatment. A course of 3 – 6 treatments at one to two week intervals is recommended for optimum results.

Who is it suitable for?

Medical Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective procedure, suitable for both men and women of all ages and skin types. It can be performed on the back, shoulders or chest, hands as well as the usual facial area. The MD procedure is sometimes performed in combination with chemical peels to enhance the results. It is also carried out immediately preceding laser treatment for acne and acne scars.


State of the art equipment

Our latest addition to the MD treatments is the state of the art Oxyjet Deluxe diamond head microdermabrasion machine with several Oxy modules to specifically target the above skin concerns.

This has been described as the Oxygen Face Lift!


The Oxygen-Deep Cleansing exfoliation

Concentrated oxygen is applied. This vitalises the skin and acts effectively against irritations and impurities by its disinfecting action.
In combination with OXYclear lotion the skin is cleansed deep into the pores.


The Pulsed Oxygen Pressure Injection

Specific serums tailored to your requirements and concentrated oxygen penetrate the epidermis by
the appliance of high pulsed pressure to push the active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

The skin appears smooth and firm, pigmentation disorders and impurities are reduced.
The pulsed oxygen revitalises and energises the skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.


OXYdiamond MDA:

The Oxygen Diamond Peeling

Concentrated oxygen and diamond peel heads in different sizes
remove the dead cells on the skin surface and stimulate
cell division in the deeper layers of the epidermis.
The skin regains its youthful appearance time after time.

OXYtone disk:

The Oxygen Intensive Face Massage

The special rotating massage disk intensively stimulates the subcutaneous fat tissue and by that supports the metabolism and the removal of the dissolved lipids – essential for the treatment of local fat deposits e.g. a double chin.
Bio Red Light penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the activity of the fat cells and by that
helps to reduce the local fat deposits.
Concentrated oxygen refreshes and vitalises the skin at the same time.


The cool Oxygen Lifting

A cool tingly fresh cocktail of coldness, oxygen and active ingredients is applied.
The stimulating, cool pressure tightens the skin, reduces swellings and inflammations and together with the oxygen will help to reduce pore size and give a rosy glow with lifted contours.


Oxygen SprayTreatment

The gentle breeze of oxygen stimulates the skin‘s own immune system, reduces irritations after microdermabrasion or aggressive peelings and accelerates the wound healing.
In combination with the special NORA BODE spray fluids skin is moisturised

The Oxygen Facelift

Bio Red light for sun damaged smokers skinblue light oxyclear acne treatment

The unique multi-rotational head stimulates and tightens the muscles and connective tissue of the face, thereby visibly lifting the contours with each treatment . Concentrated oxygen refreshes and revitalises the skin at the same time. 
In combination with OXYtone serum eye bags are gently reduced.
A Bio light will be used to further stimulate the skin, depending on the skin‘s appearance. Bio Blue Light smoothes sensitive, acne prone skin whereas Bio Red Light stimulates mature sun damaged or smoker’s skin.
The diamond peel microdermabrasion treatment helps to improve skin surface texture and uneven pigmentation, giving your skin a youthful glow.

What is Microdermabrasion not suitable for?

Microdermabrasion is not suitable for deeper wrinkles or scars (where Botox, fillers, laser resurfacing and Dermaroller treatments may be more appropriate), deep pigmentation or broken veins on the skin. Separate information is available for these.

Maintaining the results

We recommend daily use of a broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30, and to apply an antioxidant such as the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin serums as the most effective way to protect the skin from future sun damage (photodamage). SkinCeuticals provides effective skincare solutions through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, and other skincare professionals. It provides a complete range of products scientifically proven to benefit your skin. The full range of skin care products is available at the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.

How much does it cost?

The Ultimate Oxygen Rejuvenation Facelift (90 mins)- £150

The Oxyzone Oxygen Treatment with Microdermabrasion (60 mins)- £80
Oxycleanse with polyrotational head, Microdermabrasion to exfoliate, OxyCryo to refresh and revitalise, AromaMask.

Essential Energiser Treatment (40mins)- £65
Oxycleanse with rotational head, Oxyspray with treatment serum and 1 zone of Oxyjet or microdermabrasion to target specific area of concern and AromaMask.

Extra modules can be added to the above two treatments-
Additional Mask= £10
Super Enriched Collagen Mask= £15
OxyCryo/ OxyJet= £30
Oxylight Blue or Red light = £40

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Oxyjet Micro-Dermabrasion contact our friendly team of medical specialists on 01227 472288