Why do I have Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin is a debilitating condition that affects many of us especially at this time of year. If no obvious cause is found, the condition is described as Idiopathic Pruritus. This can be a chronic condition. Scratching makes you itch more, so definitely not the long term answer. The following skin conditions can contribute to…

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Top 10 Ways to Get Perfect Skin

Top 10 Ways to Get Perfect Skin We all want perfect skin and most of us will stop at nothing to get it. From slathering on creams and serums to the latest and most innovative treatments that you can only get at your doctor’s office, these are the 10 best ways to put yourself on…

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KNIFE OR NATURE? “Beauty is only skin deep”-Sir Thomas Overbury So why not make the most out of it and ensure you are getting the best possible treatment for your skin. Here at the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we are “one of the very few skin clinics in the UK where all medical consultations…

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Botox®: Face the Summer Wrinkle Free With Botox® Treatment

Beauty concerns today can include acne, jowls, eyebags, and more. However, one of the common concern for many patients is wrinkles. Wrinkle treatments can range from quite simple to incredibly complex today, but Botox® is among the easiest and fastest options. If you want to face the summer sun with confidence (and wrinkle free!) Botox® may…

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

What to look for in Skin Cancer? More and more people are using sun protection regularly, and especially in children, which is absolutely the correct thing to do. However, there are still far too many of us failing to properly protect our skins from too much UVL. Everyone should be protecting their skin with a…

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HOW TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN OVER EASTER A diary full of pre-Easter catch-ups and parties on the horizon means that many of us have resigned ourselves to a month of not enough sleep, too much alcohol and all the wrong foods (well, it is festive season). Add to this all that rushing around shopping…

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Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) for female and male hair loss

Scalp Micro-Pigmenatation Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is form of scalp tattooing.  The hair follicles are replicated to help disguise the appearance of thinning hair. We use specially designed pigments and a specific technique to replicate hair follicles to give the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. This treatment is non-invasive and requires no surgery. The value…

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Blog – Varicose Veins Treatment at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

Varicose Veins Treatment available at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic Do you have unsightly veins on the legs that you do not like? Treatment options include laser, micro-sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy and surgery. The treatment advised depends on the size and position of the leg veins. For further information, please see our website: https://skinandlaser.co.uk/…/laser-leg-veins-removal-sclero…/ Call us…

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