How can warts and Verrucas be treated?

Warts and Verrucas…zap them with the laser or freeze them with cryotherapy, we have all the weapons.

A wart is a contagious viral infection of the skin, usually taking the form of a small hard nodule, usually located on the hands and/or feet (verruca)

The wart virus can be passed from one person to another and from site to site on the same person.

70% of all warts are on the fingers and hands. Warts commonly occur around fingernails, especially in children and can lead to a depression in the nail matrix, causing grooves to develop in the nails.

25% of all wart virus infections are on the feet and appear as verrucas, which can be painful during walking.

What are the options?

Most infections are self-limiting and simply waiting will eventually work for most people.

Wart paints from the pharmacy…. needs commitment and can be very slow.

Cryosurgery or liquid nitrogen to kill off the infected tissue. Usually multiple treatments at 2 to 3 week intervals are required

Electrocautery uses heat to cauterise the blood supply to the wart virus.. Occasionally, this is combined with curettage (scraping off the wart.)

Lasers that target the blood supply can also be successful, so that the wart cannot survive. One treatment is sometimes enough to kill the growth entirely. If all of

the blood supply is not killed, further treatment will be needed to ensure that the growth is killed.

The Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic uses all the above wart treatments depending on type and distribution of the wart/s.

Side effects with the laser are minimal; although the treatment will be uncomfortable, the area is not usually that painful afterwards.

In some cases, the wart will start to re-appear again after the skin has healed over. In this case, further treatment will be required. Multiple treatments can be necessary in some patients.

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