Skin health checks at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic

Skin health checks at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic

Skin health checks at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic

Now summer is over and the sunshine getaways are a distant memory, it might be a good time to consider getting a skin check. Of course, like everyone else we advocate using a strong SPF and being careful in the sun, but if you feel you may have done some damage to your skin this year (or you just want a skin health check for piece of mind as you get older) why not book a consultation at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic to make sure your skin is healthy and happy?

Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock and the dermatology team here at the clinic treat patients for a range of skin complaints – like itchy rashes, moles and age spots – from Ashford, Dover, and Faversham, to Folkestone, Thanet, and beyond. But why is a skin health check something to consider as we head in to autumn? You’ll find some of our advice below, and if you require further information please get in touch with the experts here at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic.

Book a skin health check up

If you have noticed a difference in the look or feel of your skin then dermatology experts at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic suggest booking a professional skin health check as soon as possible. During a skin health check your area of concern – whether that’s face or body – will be inspected by one of our dermatologists. Whether you’re concerned about sun damage, like age spots or irregular moles, or you are worried about an itchy rash, lesion, or common (yet painful) skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, the team at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic will be able to offer you helpful advice or treatment plans.

Skin health checks are available if you’re concerned about:

–                 Benign moles and freckles

–                 Acne and acne scarring

–                 Warts and verrucas

–                 Cysts (e.g. epidermoid cyst, a pseudo cyst)

–                 Eczema and Psoriasis

–                 Lumps and bumps (e.g. Milia, skin tags etc)

If needed, a sample may be taken in order to run further tests. This is most likely in the case of moles or skin cancers. In most cases the moles we see day-to-day are non-harmful and can be removed with the help of treatments such as photodynamic therapy, but further tests will be required.

Trust the experts

Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock is the Consultant Dermatologist and Medical Director at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic says:

“At Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic we understand the importance of skin health checks. Patients should be aware of their skin and any changes to it. Be cautious of changes to the shape, colour and surface texture of a moles, and if you do notice a difference in any of these (or changes to your skin’s overall texture etc) then seek professional advice.”

Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic is the ideal place to have a skin health check as we offer patients outstanding dermatology services and treatments, and have a dedicated team of experienced experts with excellent knowledge of moles, lumps, bumps and skin tags. We accept self-referrals as well as GP referrals to our team of skin experts and dermatologists. If you would like to learn more about our skin health check services then book a consultation with Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic today. Our services are available in locations across the county, including Maidstone, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent, so please call for an appointment.