This week saw Britain being hit by a heatwave. It seems like summer has finally come, with many of us now taking the opportunity to catch some welcomed rays while the weather lasts. You’ll probably already be aware of the importance of protecting your skin in this weather, and taking the recommended precautions to avoid sun damage. However for some of us the issue of sun damaged skin is already a reality. In these cases Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers a range of cosmetic treatments to combat your sun damaged skin.

One of the most complained about sun damage issues in the skin is the development of an uneven complexion. Age spots are a common sign of sun damage and can be notoriously difficult to combat. Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers IPL laser treatment to fight these areas of stubborn pigmentation to restore an even complexion.

IPL laser is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that harnesses the power of high energy beams in order to produce a long term and dramatic improvement to pigmentation issues in the skin due to sun damage, such as age spots. The IPL laser works by penetrating the skin with a number of different wavelengths of light energy in order to break down different shades of unwanted pigmentation within the skin, leaving even and healthy looking skin.

Another issue that many patients identify as a result of sun damage is dulling skin. The harsh weather of summer can take it out of your skin and leave it looking lifeless, this is especially prominent in sun damaged skin. Trying to regain a healthy summer glow to the skin can be extremely hard when your skin is showing the signs of ageing, but Canterbury Skin and laser Clinic offers chemical peel treatment to combat this.

Chemical peel treatment is a non-surgical procedure that aims to improve the look of dull, sun-damaged skin and restore a youthful and healthy glow to the skin. The treatment involves applying a thin layer of a chemical solution to the skin that is designed to peel the top layer of sun damaged skin in a controlled way to reveal the healthy skin that lies underneath. Here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we offer both superficial and medium strength chemical peels to tackle your dull sun damaged skin. Which strength is right for you will be discussed in your consultation and will depend on the condition of your skin.

One of the biggest causes for concern when it comes to sun damage, is of course, the development of or change in, a mole. With at least 100,000 new cases of skin cancer being diagnosed each year according to The British Skin Foundation, it’s no wonder that more and more of us are becoming cautious about our sun protection habits. However these issues do still occur, if you have notice a change in or the development of a mole, getting it checked is vital. Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers a mole checking service to help.

At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we think it’s important that patients feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible during their mole checking experience, so we offer a step by step mole checking process that takes patients all the way from an initial examination to mole removal surgery if needed. We believe this is important in order for your experience to be as straightforward as possible.

We sat down with Dr. Alice Hudson Peacock of Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic to talk about the sun damage treatments the clinic offers. This is what she had to say:

“Sun damage in a real issue at any time of year but it’s even more of a risk during a heat wave like Britain has been experiencing this week. More of us are now aware of the risks involved with sun exposure than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not susceptible to the development of sun damaged skin. If you suspect you have developed any form of sun damage to your skin I would strongly advice visiting a dermatologist, such as the ones at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your skin’s health.”

If you would like more information on any of the sun damage treatments that Canterbury Skin and Laser offers, book your consultation today. Call 01227 472288. Our Services are available in a wide array of location including Canterbury, Kent, Ashford, Dover, Faversham and Folkestone.