Tackling Sun Damage In Canterbury

Tackling Sun Damage In Canterbury

We’ve all stayed out a little too long in the sun once in a while, and often regretted our decision to not top up our sun protection as we soothe our burnt skin. However we now know that those moments of irresponsibility can have a huge impact on the condition of our skin in the long term. The development of lines, wrinkles and age spots are all issues that many of us face as a result of sun damage, as well as health issues such as developments of moles. Luckily, Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is here to help.

Wrinkled and dulling skin

One of the most complained about sun issues is the development of lines and wrinkles. It’s well known that overexposure to the sun can make these signs of ageing develop much more rapidly. However another ageing issue that the sun causes is the dulling of the skin’s surface. Both of these issues can be hard to tackle, but thankfully Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers chemical peel treatment to combat them.

Chemical peel treatment is the perfect cosmetic treatment to fight the development of lines and wrinkles whilst also tackling dullness that many patients experience as a result of sun damage. The treatment is a non-surgical procedure that allows patients to vastly improve the look of dull and ageing skin by removing the top layer of damaged skin to reveal the healthy and youthful skin underneath. Chemical peel treatment does this by applying a thin layer of a liquid substance to the skin, which effectively peels the top layer of skin in a controlled manner in order to reveal the healthier looking skin that lies beneath.
Chemical peel treatment comes in three strengths; superficial, medium and deep. At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we offer superficial and medium strength chemical peel treatment to combat your dulling and ageing skin, but which strength is right for you will depend on the condition of your skin and the results you wish to achieve.

Age spots and hyperpigmentation

Another issue that many of us face when tackling sun damage skin is evening out the skin tone. Many patients develop age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation as a result of prolonged sun exposure. Age spots can leave many patients feeling old before their time, but Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers IPL treatment to tackle these pigmentation issues.

IPL treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that harnesses the technology of the IPL laser in order to provide a long term solution to the look of age spots and hyperpigmentation. The laser penetrates the treated skin with various wavelengths of light energy in order to break down unwanted pigments within the skin.

The great thing about IPL treatment is that it provides patients with a long term solution to their pigmentation issues to reveal an even and more youthful complexion. This is a big benefit for many patients as it means they can begin to rebuild their confidence following treatment and prolong their results whilst taking precautions to protect their skin from further damage.

Mole Checking

Finding or noticing a change in a mole can be challenging and have life changing implications. So making sure that your mole checking experience is as comfortable as possible is extremely important to the team at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers a step by step service to mole checking and skin surgery.

Dr. Mark Hudson Peacock is the consultant dermatologist at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic and had this to say about the clinic’s mole checking service.

“Here at Canterbury Skin and Laser clinic we understand that mole checking can be distressing, and so we try to make your time as stress-free as possible. At the clinic we offer a full checking and removal service if needed to negate the necessity for multiple clinics or practitioners.”


Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offer a wide range of effective cosmetic treatments to help those suffering with sun damage in Canterbury. The team of dedicated cosmetic doctors and dermatologists is dedicated to providing the best results possible and make each patient’s experience positive.

If you are suffering with sun damage come and see what Canterbury Skin and Laser can do for you today. Call 01227 472288 to book your consultation. Our services can be accessed in a number of different location including Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Margate, Broadstairs, Deal, Folkestone