Take A Stand Against Your Wrinkles With Botox In Kent

Take A Stand Against Your Wrinkles With Botox In Kent

Dealing with lines and wrinkles in the skin is an issue that people have been fighting for generations with varying results. In recent years we’ve seen the rise of Botox injections, a non-surgical treatment that aims to improve the look of signs of ageing within the skin without the need to go under the knife. However many of us are still on the fence as to whether Botox really does provide the solution to wrinkles that we’ve looking for. The experts at Canterbury Skin and Laser certainly believe it is, and as one of the leading providers of Botox in Kent they’re here to tell you why.

So what is Botox?

In order to determine whether Botox really is the non-surgical saviour it claims to be we must first understand what Botox is and how it works.

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the look of lines and wrinkles by freezing the facial muscles they are injected into. Botox works by effectively restricting the mobility of facial muscles making it impossible for the skin to crease further.

Why is Botox an effective treatment against the signs of ageing?

We asked Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic’s consultant dermatologist Dr. Mark Hudson-Peacock what makes Botox such an effective solution to the development of lines and wrinkles. This is what he had to say:

Botox is an effective solution to the formation of lines and wrinkles because it restricts the use of the facial muscles. This is a huge positive in the fight against wrinkles as it’s due to a combination of overuse of the facial muscle and a decline in collagen present within the skin that causes signs of ageing to form. Botox effectively eradicates one of these contributing factors, making it harder for lines and wrinkles to form.”

Why Choose Botox?

There are many reasons why Botox is the treatment of choice for millions of patients worldwide and has become one of the most well known cosmetic treatments. For example, many patients find that Botox is a great fit with their lives due to the short treatment time and no needed recovery time. Botox usually takes 30 minutes to perform and can easily be fitted into a patient’s lunch break.

Many patients find that Botox is also a great complement to other cosmetic treatments that they may have undergone. For example, Botox can make a great non-surgical anti-ageing team when paired with other non-surgical injectables such as dermal fillers.

Due to Botox’s wrinkle preventing nature, many patients also choose to undergo treatment at a younger age in order to apply a wrinkle preventing barrier to their skin before the formation of lines and wrinkles begin. This can result in patients having a head start in their fight against ageing.

Undergoing Botox in Kent

If you are considering having Botox in Kent, consider industry-leaders, Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. We asked the clinic’s cosmetic doctor Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock why she thought the clinic was the best places to undergo Botox treatment in Kent. She said:

Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is the perfect place to have Botox in Kent, because there is a knowledgeable and experienced team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists all of which aim to provide each patient with the best results possible.”
“We also provide services in a range of areas around Kent including Canterbury, Ashford and Folkestone. This means Botox and other anti-ageing treatments are accessible to a much wider range of patients.”

If you would like more information on Botox in Kent with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic then book your consultation today, by calling 01227 472288.