Tattoo Removal at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic

Tattoo Removal at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic

It’s a universal fact that choose to have a tattoo is an incredibly personal decision. Love them or hate them, tattoos continue to rise in popularity as celebrities like Cheryl Cole and seemingly the entire One Direction 5-piece, are seen showing them off at any opportunity. Of course, not all tattoos are created equally, and for every great piece of body art, there’s a less than favourable counterpart. We’ve all heard (and seen!) horror stories; people making questionable decisions when it comes to their choice of tattoo, or choosing to have it with a less-than-qualified tattoo artist. As more people choose to have tattoos, more men and women – of all ages – are finding themselves regretting their decision later on. However, unlike buying a pair of shoes you later decide you don’t like, tattoos are permanent, and for many people serve as a reminder of thing (or people) they’d rather forget.

With more and more people in the UK undergoing tattoos as a fashion statement, or simply to achieve their goal of inked perfection, it’s no wonder tattoo removal is on the up. Whether you made a silly choice many years ago or you’ve simply grown into a different person since you chose your inked design, laser tattoo removal is now at a all time high and is now available at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.

So what does tattoo removal treatment involve – and is it really the solution for you?

You don’t need to undergo surgery to get rid of unwanted body ink. Tattoo removal treatment involves using a specially adapted laser to effectively breakdown the ink that has been infused into the skin to create the tattoo. Tattoo removal uses various wavelengths to tackle different colour pigments in an effective and quick way. Black ink in particular reacts well with tattoo removal treatment, whilst green and red hues are the hardest to remove from the skin. Treatment is always tailored specifically to the individual, as no one tattoo or patient is the same. A full consultation would be needed to plan a course of treatment.

Be realistic

Many patients see a visible improvement in the look of their unwanted tattoo after the first sitting, but it is strongly suggested patients looking to remove tattoos sit a course of 6 or more sessions in order to gain the best possible results. Of course this varies on a case to case circumstance, and the Canterbury Skin and Laser tattoo removal experts will help to guide you through the treatment and aftercare.

Like any cosmetic treatment tattoo removal treatment comes with some risks; these are small but nonetheless should be fully understood and considered by all patients before making the decision to undergo treatment. Tattoo removal treatment comes with the risk of hyperpigmentation, where treatment areas can look discoloured compared to the rest of the skin around it.
The experts at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic offer the following information about tattoo removal treatment.

“Patients considering undergoing tattoo removal treatment should strongly consider undergoing this treatment with a cosmetic professional that has advanced tattoo removal experience, explains Dr. Hudson-Peacock.

“There are many cosmetic establishments that provide tattoo removal treatments but they might not be the best option. Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offer the best treatment for tattoo removal in Kent, and we have a dedicated team of dermatologists, cosmetic doctors and beauty therapists that aim to give all patients the best possible results – for tattoo removal and other skin rejuvenation treatments.”

Don’t suffer because of a decision you made years ago. If you would like more information on tattoo removal treatment or are considering undergoing any treatment with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, then book your consultation today. The team will answer any questions you have and can provide honest advice to help guide you into making the RIGHT decision.

Be safe and be informed!