Tattoo removal in Kent

Tattoo removal in Kent

Laser tattoo removal in Kent

Body art has never been more popular, and with so many people now opting for tattoos as a fashion statement it’s no surprise the need for tattoo removal in Kent has also increased. Often considered a cool statement, body art is no longer popular with bikers and sailors. Far from it! In recent years many famous faces have hit the headlines for undergoing extensive body tattoos including X Factor judge and former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. Far from choosing a delicate, small inking, the singer opted for a large, sprawling rose design across her lower back, causing a media storm within minutes of the photograph hitting Twitter. Would she regret it? Why choose a design so big?

Of course, undergoing a tattoo of any shape or size is a personal decision, but what options are available if you decide your body art isn’t right for you anymore? Laser tattoo removal in Kent, Dover, Maidstone, Canterbury or Ashford could be the option you’re looking for if you’re unhappy with your tattoos and wish to remove them from your body or face.

Laser tattoo removal in Kent can be suitable for patients who:

  • have a tattoo they no longer like
  • had a tattoo that did not turn out as hoped
  • wish to remove an old tattoo to make space for new body art
  • would like to remove part but not all of an existing tattoo, e.g. a name

Choosing to undergo laser tattoo removal in Kent is as personal a decision as having a tattoo in the first place. Booking a consultation is a vital step in understanding more about the laser removal process and how it may benefit you. Each tattoo is different, so the length of treatment required to remove your unwanted tattoo is also different.

Things to consider when opting for laser tattoo removal in Kent include:

  • the colour of the tattoo (green and red tones are the hardest to remove from the skin)
  • the size of the design
  • where the tattoo is
  • cost
  • treatment time (varies vastly depending on the above factors)

The good news is that laser tattoo removal does not require surgery. In fact, laser tattoo removal simply involves using a specially adapted laser to effectively breakdown the ink that has been infused into the skin to create the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal uses various wavelengths to tackle different colour pigments in an effective and quick way. Black ink in particular reacts well with tattoo removal treatment. Laser tattoo removal treatment is always tailored specifically to the individual, as no one tattoo or patient is the same. A full consultation would be needed to plan a course of laser tattoo removal in Maidstone, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet, Kent and beyond.

It’s important to remember laser tattoo removal treatment requires numerous sessions – the colour and size of your tattoo will be a factor in this. Some patients see a visible improvement in the look of their unwanted tattoo after the first sitting, but it is advised patients looking to remove larger tattoos sit a course of 6 or more sessions in order to get the best possible results. Of course this varies on a case to case circumstance, and the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic laser tattoo removal experts will help to guide you through the treatment. Book a consultation today to learn more about the benefits of laser tattoo removal treatments in Kent.