The Latest Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Canterbury & Kent

The Latest Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Canterbury & Kent

Summer is here at last; which means it’s time once again to swap our comfy jeans for flowing summer dresses and shorts. With this change in clothing also comes the additional hassle of body hair removal. This process can be a real hardship for some of us; constant shaving and waxing can be harsh on our skin and extremely time consuming. So much so that it can taint your enjoyment of this time of year. Thankfully Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offer laser hair removal treatment in Canterbury.
Laser hair removal treatment is a non-surgical treatment that does pretty much what it says on the tin. The treatment allows patients to gain long term relief from their unwanted body hair by effectively destroying the hair follicles.

At Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we harness the technology of the Alexandrite laser. Laser hair removal treatment works by penetrating the pigments within the hair with high levels of light energy. These beams of energy then travel down the hair and effectively destroy the follicle, leaving it unable to produce further body hair. As laser hair removal treatment relies of pigmentation to absorb the energy the treatment usually has better results on patients with darker hair.

Laser hair removal treatment is a hugely popular cosmetic treatment that provides millions of patients worldwide with the smooth results they are looking for, and comes with a wealth of benefits. One of these benefits it that the treatment gives patients a long term solution to their body hair issue. Unwanted body hair can be a huge source of self-consciousness for many patients and laser hair removal treatment gives patients the opportunity to remove this insecurity from their lives and enjoy the summer weather once more.

Another positive to laser hair removal treatment is that the treatment is quick and convenient. With an average procedure time of just thirty minutes and no recovery time needed laser hair removal treatment is the perfect cosmetic treatment for patients with busy lifestyles. This is a huge benefit for many patients as it means they can gain the results they want whilst not having to sit a long and inconvenient treatment.

Although there are many positives to laser hair removal treatment it is also important that patients look at the treatment as a whole. This means understanding that laser hair removal treatment isn’t a quick fix to your body hair woes and is in fact a commitment. In many cases patients are required to sit a course of 4-6 sittings of laser hair removal treatment over a 12 month period in order to gain the best results from the treatment.

Patients also need have a realistic idea of the results that laser hair removal treatment can provide them. As mentioned earlier laser hair removal treatment works better of patients with darker body hair, as the treatment relies on the pigmentation in the hair to destroy the hair follicle. So patients with lighter hair colours should carefully consider the results they could gain before making the commitment to undergo treatment.

Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock had this to say about laser hair removal treatment:

Laser hair removal treatment can be a wonderful treatment for those looking to improve the look of their unwanted body hair. Not only can laser hair removal treatment provide patients with the long term relief from unwanted body hair but it can also give patients back the self confidence they’ve been lacking.

“If you are considering undergoing laser hair removal treatment in Canterbury then there really is no better place to sit your treatment than Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. Our team of experienced cosmetic doctors and dermatologists are dedicated to provide every patient with the best results possible, whilst also providing patients with the support they need throughout their cosmetic experience.”

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