The Many Uses of Botox in Canterbury

The Many Uses of Botox in Canterbury


The Many Uses of Botox in Canterbury

Botox; it’s one of the most talked about and popular forms of non-surgical wrinkle treatment, and it has had a huge impact on how we think about cosmetic treatments as a society. But how much do you really know about this muscle relaxing treatment? The truth of the matter is that many of us know little about the many uses of Botox, which can combat a number of cosmetic issues. The experts at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic are here to talk you through the many different uses of Botox in Canterbury.

Wrinkle treatment

The first use of Botox is, of course, as an anti-ageing treatment. This is the most common use of the injectable, and it is primarily what has propelled the treatment into the media. Botox works as an effective form of wrinkle treatment as it provides patients with an effective solution to the present signs of ageing, whilst also forming a protective barrier against further wrinkles. Botox does this by restricting the mobility of the facial muscles, making it much more difficult for patients to cause creasing to the skin

“The great thing about Botox as a wrinkle treatment is that it gives practitioners a precise way to target wrinkles,” explained Dr. Alice Hudson Peacock, a cosmetic doctor at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. “Thanks to Botox’s injectable form, cosmetic professionals can target the patient’s area of concern in a much more concentrated way, resulting in a natural and more subtle result. Which is great for patients that are looking to begin their journey into cosmetic anti-ageing treatments.”

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Excessive sweating is a common issue, and it can be even more prominent during summer. Botox can also be used to combat excess sweating; hyperhidrosis treatment is a cosmetic treatment that involves injecting Botox into the sweat glands in order to provide relief from excessive perspiration. Botox works as a solution to hyperhidrosis as it effectively blocks the sweat glands, providing relief from excessive sweating.

What are the benefits to using Botox as a Hyperhidrosis treatment? Dr. Hudson Peacock said:

Botox is the perfect solution to hyperhidrosis as it allows patients to fight their sweating issues in a quick and convenient way; Botox is an injectable treatment that can be performed in just 30 minutes and requires no recovery time, making it the perfect quick fix to hyperhidrosis. The effects of Botox can be felt within 3-4 days following treatment, making it the perfect last minute fix before travelling or a music festival.”

Facial sagging

As a part of the ageing process, many of us experience sagging within our face. However, this too can be combated with the help of Botox injections. Botox can improve the look of facial sagging in a wide range of severities – it is often used as a form of treatment to improve the look of Bell’s palsy and other nerve conditions.

Botox is an effective solution to nerve issues within the face due to its muscle relaxing nature. The great thing about Botox when tackling nerve issues is that the treatment allows practitioners to treat not only the cosmetic issues of these nerve conditions, but also reduce any discomfort that they may experience as a result of their condition,” said Dr. Hudson Peacock.

Seeking treatment

If you are considering Botox in Canterbury or any of the surrounding towns (Kent, Ashford, Deal, Dover, Folkestone, Margate, Ramsgate, Hythe, Whitstable, Faversham, Sittingbourne, Sheppy and Maidstone), there really is no better place than Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. Their team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists are determined to provide every patient with the best results possible. The clinic’s team all have backgrounds in dermatology, making it the perfect place to undergo Botox in Canterbury as they have a greater understanding of the skin.

If you would like more information on Botox in Canterbury or the surrounding towns, book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic today.