The top 10 most removed tattoo designs….

The top 10 most removed tattoo designs…….
Name of ex-lover
Misspelt foreign quote
Barbed wire on the upper arm
Chinese symbols
Celtic designs
Signs of the Zodiac

A recent survey by Tatts a Mistake found that females make up almost 2/3 of all people who hate their tattoos.

Looking at all the age groups, 25-34 year olds are the most likely to want to get rid of their tattoos.  In this age group, 18-34 year olds don’t like their tattoos because they’re starting to get ahead in their jobs and they’re thinking about promotions, or they may be expecting an new addition and want to be a good role model for the little one growing up.

A tattoo is designed to be a life long permanent commitment. So please think carefully before you go and get it done. However if you have a regretted tattoo, we can help.

If you have a regretted tattoo and would like more information about laser tattoo removal, see our webpage here:

The consultation is free, patch test is £50 and treatment starts at £80 per session. Typically a black tattoo that is not heavily filled in takes 6 sessions to remove. Coloured and large tattoos may take several more sessions.

We use a medical grade Nd Yag Q switched laser. We have many years experience in providing laser and skin treatments. Call us on 01227 472288 to make your appointment now.

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