Treating Sun Damaged Skin In Kent

Treating Sun Damaged Skin In Kent

Treating Sun Damaged Skin In Kent

The sun is shining, and summer has officially arrived. But nowadays, we’re constantly made aware of the damage the sun can do to the skin. Of course, prevention is the best course of action, but in cases where the damage has already been done, there’s plenty you can do to improve the appearance of existing skin complaints.

Treating age spots

The development of age spots can be a difficult issue to tackle. Not only can it have an impact on your physical appearance, but also have a profound effect on your self-confidence, too. When tackling pigmentation issues such as age spots, IPL laser treatment can provide an effective solution.
The IPL laser works by penetrating the skin with several wavelengths of light energy, which breaks down the unwanted pigment in the skin that causes age spots to appear. IPL laser is a highly effective and popular form of treatment to treat pigmentation concerns such as age spots.
The great thing about IPL laser treatment is that it’s able to penetrate the skin with the light energy beams that are needed to break down unwanted pigmentation, without causing damage or breakage to the skin’s surface. IPL laser treatment is also quick and convenient; it can be performed in just 30 minutes and requires no recovery time, making it the perfect treatment for patients with busy lifestyles.

Chemical peels

There are many cosmetic treatments that can help improve the look of sun damaged skin, but sometimes what your skin needs is to start afresh. It might sound a difficult feat to achieve, but with the help of a chemical peel, it can become a reality.
A chemical peel is a non-surgical treatment that allows patients to improve the look of a number of different ageing issues and signs of damage within the skin, including the look of sun damage. During the treatment, a chemical mixture is applied to the skin, which causes the top layer of skin (epidermis) to peel away, revealing the healthy skin underneath.
Chemical peel treatment allows patients to remove sun damaged skin in a simple yet controlled way. For many patients, this means they can ‘start afresh’ with their skin, taking the necessary precautions to protect it this time around.

Mole Checking

Noticing a difference in a mole can be a cause for concern. We are now more aware than ever before of the way an untreated cancerous moles can impact on general health. And as a result, more of us are taking the time to regularly check our moles – but the development of malignant melanomas is still the most common form of preventable cancer worldwide. If you have noticed a change in your mole, Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers a mole checking service to give you peace of mind.
Mole checking is a sensitive and often daunting experience, and in order to make it as stress-free as possible, Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers not just a mole checking service, but a full mole removal service, meaning that patients can see the same, trusted practitioner from diagnosis to removal.
Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is the perfect place to sit your mole checking treatment for a number of reasons. One of these is that Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic boasts a team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists that all have a background in dermatology, meaning you are in the hands of the most qualified and experienced professionals possible. Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic’s full in-house service is also a big benefit for many patients, as it means they can undergo the required treatment in the most stress-free way possible.

Treatment with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic

If you are looking to tackle your sun damaged skin in Kent, there really is no better place than Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. The experienced team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists are dedicated to producing the best results for every patient, and offer a wide range of non-surgical and laser treatments to combat almost any cosmetic issue.
Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic’s services are not just exclusive to Kent, and in fact the clinic has a loyal clientele of patients in various surrounding towns: Canterbury, Ashford, Folkestone, Faversham, Dover, Margate, Broadstairs and Whitstable.
So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your sun damaged skin in Kent today by booking your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.