Understanding Anti-Ageing Hand Treatments

Understanding Anti-Ageing Hand Treatments

Understanding Anti-Ageing Hand Treatments

All women want to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible – but it’s not just our face that gives away our true age. We see celebrities on the red carpet all the time that look fairly youthful facially, but the photos we see in the magazines and newspapers the next day can highlight other parts of the body that have been ravaged by the ageing process.

Focusing solely on rejuvenating the skin of the face is a common mistake patients make as they get older. Of course, the face is where people’s eyes are usually drawn, but there is another part of the body that can be an even more obvious give away to one’s age. Give us a wave – it’s actually your hands!

Despite our hands often being on display, we usually pay them little attention. Age spots, unsightly veins and even wrinkles can all appear on the back of the hands, but there are actually some quick and effective methods to treat the signs of ageing within the hands. And the best bit? All of them are available right here at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, serving Ashford, Deal, Dover, Folkestone,Margate, Ramsgate, Hythe, Whitstable, Faversham, Sittingbourne, Sheppy and Maidstone and more!

So what causing ageing of the hands?

To fight the signs of hand ageing you should understand what causes them to lose their youthful appearance in the first place. Nothing gives your age away faster than the appearance of prominent veins and wrinkles, which start to form when the body’s collagen production begins to slow down. This process makes the skin more susceptible to loss of volume, and therefore lines and wrinkles emerge. Although you might not notice the signs of ageing forming until your thirties and beyond, this actually starts to happen in the mid to late twenties. The lack of fat in the hands means they’re actually one of the first body parts to suffer in this way leading to fine lines, wrinkles and raised veins. Age spots are another dead giveaway when it comes to your age. Not protecting the skin from harmful UV rays can also result in hyperpigmentation and sun spots.

Treating ageing hands with dermal fillers at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic.

It’s a common misconception that dermal fillers are only for the face – they are actually a far more versatile treatment! Anti-ageing hand treatments at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic include the use of dermal fillers to improve the look of tired hand lacking in volume. Using fillers such as Restylane Vital, Juvederm Hydrate, and Radiesse to rehydrate and add volume to the hands, a course of 1-3 treatments is recommended. Patients should see an improvement to the skin’s texture, as well as an overall more youthful appearance to the treated area. Potential side effects include the risk of infection but this is very rare. Nonetheless it should be considered and factored into the decision making process when considering undergoing anti-ageing treatment of the hands using dermal filler.

“Patients should gather as much information as possible on anti-ageing hand treatments before pursuing them; including learning what the treatments involve, the risks involved with anti-ageing hand treatment chosen, and which cosmetic professional is right for them,” says Dr. Alice Hudson-Peacock, the Cosmetic Doctor at Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic in Kent.

“A great way to find out about anti-ageing hand treatments is to have a consultation with an expert practitioner. A consultation gives you the opportunity to get any questions you have answered, and will also give you an insight into how the practitioner or clinic operates/works. This is helpful, as it will allow you to decide whether the clinic and staff are able to cater to your individual needs,” she concludes.

If you would like more information on anti-ageing hand treatments, book your consultation with Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic by contacting the clinic directly. The anti-ageing hand treatments are available in Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet and Kent, as well as Sittingbourne, Sheppy and Maidstone.
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