Understanding what Botox can offer as an anti-ageing injectable

Understanding what Botox can offer as an anti-ageing injectable

Understanding what Botox can offer as an anti-ageing injectable

The benefits of anti-ageing injectables such as Botox have long been known as a secret of the rich and famous for holding back the hands of time, and is often described as the stand-alone star of non-surgical aesthetics. With very little risk and downtime, this injectable anti-ageing injectable treatment offers fantastic results and can be used alongside other anti-ageing injectable treatments to create a well-rounded non-surgical treatment plan for men and women.

Botox seems to have revolutionised the way we view cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. No longer is the mention of cosmetic treatments taboo, and it’s largely down to this small muscle relaxing injection. So the question to ask is: can Botox really be the answer to the youthful appearance patients seek?

Let’s start with the basics – what is this anti-ageing injectable?

  • Botox (a brand of muscle relaxing injections) is an injectable substance that temporarily freezes the muscle it is injected into.
  • It’s due to these muscle paralysing characteristics that is used within cosmetic treatments.
  • It’s is mostly used in within facial muscles in order to prevent lines and wrinkles developing through the normal use of facial muscles.
  • It’s also used for other cosmetic and health issues, such as to block sweat glands in order to prevent excessive perspiration.

There is no shortage of cosmetic procedures out there, both invasive and non-invasive, that promise to offer patients the time reversing effect they crave, so why has Botox as an anti-ageing injectable specifically grown so much in popularity? For one, the evidence of its effectiveness is over-whelming. Most people probably know someone who has had the anti-ageing injectable, and they look (on the whole) great for it. However, this is not the only reason Botox has become the most popular treatment of the cosmetic world, and the age of celebrity culture and social media means we know many celebrities that now have cosmetic treatments.

More and more public figures have admitted to having a little help from Botox and the other anti-ageing injectables like it. Cosmetic injections have now become more socially acceptable allowing celebrities (and normal folk alike) to rid their skin of crows feet, smooth their lined foreheads and erase laughter lines.

So what is Botox specifically good for? It’s a great way to stop lines and wrinkles in your skin in their tracks before they get the chance to create deeper set wrinkles. There has been an increase in the numbers of younger patients that are using Botox thinking prevention is better than a cure, but generally it’s not recommended for young patients, and most people in their early twenties are unlikely to need it.

The majority of patients contemplating anti-ageing injectables are looking for the most natural looking result possible and Botox – like all muscle relaxing injections – can help you look more youthful without turning to surgery.

Are anti-ageing injectable like Botox right for you?

Everyone is different and what works for some patients doesn’t fit well with others. However, muscle relaxing injections like Botox really are great tools in the fight against ageing for most, if carried out professionally and sensibly like cosmetic doctors like those at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic in Kent. Helping patients from Maidstone, Ashford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Thanet, Kent and beyond, maybe it’s time to book a consultation and discuss your anti-ageing options with the skilled, experienced practitioners here at the clinic.