Why is Botox Popular?

In a recent article in The Guardian it has been reported that plastic surgery is on the rise. Botox came out as one of the most popular procedures with over 3 million people worldwide having it administered. It isn’t just celebrities who use this treatment, it is used by anyone who wants to look their best and stop the hands of time.

As a procedure Botox is injected into the muscle, temporarily paralyzing it, causing the skin to stretch out around it, which aids the elimination of wrinkles that form when the muscles contract. Many people take advantage of the Botox procedure because it is considered extremely safe and the side effects are exceedingly rare. Although Botox is used for cosmetic reasons, it can also be used as a health treatment for example, it can be given in a high dose to children with cerebral palsy to help control muscle spasms. In addition to this, Botox can also treat overactive bladders, migraine headaches and certain types of eye muscle spasms.

Perhaps the main reason for Botox’s popularity is the fact that it is a simple and quick procedure. Most patients find the treatment very tolerable and virtually painless. We all make lines when we show expressions on our face, and these lines can upset some people and make us feel self conscious. Botox is a cost effective way to get rid of the lines without going under the knife.

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