Wrinkle Treatments in Canterbury and the surrounding areas

Wrinkle Treatments in Canterbury and the surrounding areas

Wrinkle Treatments in Canterbury and the surrounding areas

Dealing with the signs of ageing is never an enjoyable experience; but it can often feel worse during the summer months, as sun damage can worsen the look of wrinkles. If you are looking to banish the look of unflattering lines and wrinkles this summer in Canterbury, Kent or Ashford, then Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic is the place to be. The clinic offers a wide range of anti-wrinkle treatments in Canterbury to combat your signs of ageing.


One of the most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatments that Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic offers is Botox – the treatment of choice for celebrities and the public alike. Botox has long been one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. Is it time you joined the millions of satisfied patients?
Botox is a muscle relaxing injectable that provides patients with an effective solution to signs of ageing by restricting the mobility of the facial muscles. This is an effective solution to the development of lines and wrinkles as it allows patients to eradicate one of the contributing factors to ageing (overuse of the facial muscles), in order to prevent creasing skin, and therefore prevent wrinkles.
“The good thing about Botox injections is that they give patients an effective yet convenient solution to their wrinkles. For example, Botox can be performed in just 30 minutes with no necessary recovery time; making them the perfect wrinkle treatment for patients with busy lifestyles,” explained Dr. Alice Hudson Peacock, a cosmetic doctor at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic.
Botox not only gives patients an effective solution to their already present signs of ageing, but provides a protective barrier against the formation of further winkles. This a huge positive for many patients, as it means that they can not only make an improvement to the condition of their skin at the present time, but can also make a positive impact on the condition of their skin in the long term, too.”

Dermal fillers

Another hugely popular form of non-surgical wrinkle treatment are dermal fillers. These versatile and time-effective injectables are the treatment of choice when fighting the signs of sagging and loss of volume in the skin for many. Dermal fillers are used in various cosmetic treatments to produce different results, but are most commonly used as an anti-aging treatment.
Dermal fillers are a group of cosmetic injectables that work as an effective defense against lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the skin in order plump out the signs of ageing and restore a full and youthful appearance.
“The great thing about dermal fillers is their versatility; they can provide patients with controlled results, depending on how and where they are injected into the face. Many patients view this as one of the major positives of dermal filler treatment – they can receive a tailor made result that tackles specific areas of concern,” said Dr. Hudson Peacock.
“Like Botox, dermal fillers can also provide patients with a time effective solution to their signs of ageing. Dermal filler treatment can be performed in just 30 minutes and requires no recovery time. This makes it the perfect wrinkle treatment for busy patients,” she added.

Seeking treatment

If you are looking for wrinkles treatment in Canterbury or the surrounding towns (Kent, Ashford, Folkestone, Faversham, Dover, Margate, Broadstairs and Whitstable), there really is no better place to undergo treatment then Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic. The clinic has a team of experienced cosmetic doctors and dermatologists that are dedicated to providing every patients with the best results possible. The clinic also boasts an impressive array of non-surgical and laser treatments to combat almost any cosmetic issue, and all are performed in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
If you would like more information on wrinkle treatments in Canterbury at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, book your consultation today.