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Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for the treatment of larger veins. It involves the introduction of an extremely fine needle into the vein to be treated. The vein is then filled with a sclerosing liquid or foam, which causes microscopic damage to the cells lining the vein. The body responds to this damage causing the vessel to shrink and eventually to be obliterated.

This technique will deal with most veins except the very large and can be used to tidy up the leg after vein surgery (stripping). It is now possible to perform the injection under the guidance of ultrasound, which allows the treatment of deeper veins and gives additional security and effectiveness.

Individuals who develop varicose veins have a tendency to go on producing new ones over the years. The leg vein treatment will sort out varicose veins at that time but new ones will develop over time and they can readily be dealt with.


The earlier vein impairment is identified, the lower the risks. Varicose veins are often treated for aesthetic reasons. However, leg vein treatment is also highly advisable if they are causing pain or discomfort or are likely to lead to other health complications such as skin ulcers. Medical complications caused by varicose veins may be severe and can be avoided in most cases if the condition is treated in time.
The first line of treatment is often compression stockings which work by reducing the width of the vein by applying external pressure. However these are not suitable for everyone and it’s not known if compression stockings help to prevent your varicose veins from getting worse or if they prevent new ones from appearing. 
Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution, often foam, directly into the affected vein. This solution reacts with the vein wall, causing the vein to inflame and scar, forcing blood away to healthier veins. This eventually closes off the vein and the collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades. After sclerotherapy, treated veins tend to shrink and disappear within a few weeks, although occasionally it may take a month or more to see the full results. Sclerotherapy is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, meaning you will be able to go home the day of the procedure.
The ELVeS Radial™ procedure is a gentle and extremely effective varicose vein treatment. This treatment works by a probe being inserted into the affected vein through a small puncture site. The probe is then used to direct a laser light into the vein using targeted radial emission and the laser seals the vein. This treatment is conducted using local anaesthesia, takes around 30 minutes to complete and causes very little or no pain during or after treatment. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment and there is little or no scarring or bruising, making it one of the most popular varicose vein treatments.
Microsclerotherapy is an effective treatment for thread veins and varicose veins that works by injecting a liquid directly into the veins, destroying them and causing them to disappear. The procedure is non-surgical, just involving an injection into the treatment area. A compression is needed to be worn in the weeks following the treatment to give the body time to turn the dying vein into scar tissue.


Varicose veins will not go away on their own. There are things you can do at home to help reduce your symptoms such as exercising regularly, avoiding standing up for long periods of time, elevating the affected area when resting or wearing compression stockings. For more severe cases where they are causing you pain or more serious complications could arise, a consultant will recommend a suitable treatment for you.

Recovery time depends on the treatment type you have had and the amount of veins you have had treated. The ELVeS Radial™ Laser procedure is the treatment of choice for many as it has no recovery time at all with patients able to go back to their normal activities straight after treatment. Other methods such as Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy, it is recommended to avoid exercise for around 3-5 days following treatment and the bruising should heal around 2-6 weeks later.


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