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Paediatric Dermatology In Canterbury & Kent

Dermatological skin conditions such as acne, skin lesions and skin rashes are often associated with teenagers and adults, however many common skin conditions are also seen in young children. Here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we know that an unhappy child can make for sleepless nights for both your little one and you as a parent, so if a skin problem is affecting your child, we are here to help.

Our consultants are trained in paediatric dermatology (children up to age of 18) and are aware of what a huge impact a child’s skin disease can have. We are able to provide expert diagnosis and treatment of your child’s skin condition and this accurate diagnosis and treatment should quickly improve life for not only your child but the whole family.

Common skin conditions that we often see in children include eczema, skin rashes, scabies, allergies, psoriasis, vitiligo, warts, moles, molluscum and birthmarks.


Each pediatric skin condition is different, as are its causes, symptoms and treatments.

Eczema is the most common skin condition seen in children and it can appear from a very young age. It can be caused by an irritant to the skin such as a washing powder, animal fur or fabrics so you can try avoiding products with strong fragrances or materials such as wool and nylon. If your child’s eczema doesn’t improve, a consultant dermatologist will be able to offer a treatment plan.

Rashes are very common in children and are a characteristic of many paediatric skin conditions. Most are harmless and will disappear without the need for any treatment so aren’t usually a cause for concern, however if your child seems unwell and the rash persists, it is best to see a doctor.

Lots of skin conditions seen in children, including warts, verrucas, molluscum and chicken pox are contagious and often passed on through contact with another infected child. It is important your child’s skin condition is quickly diagnosed so contact with other children in settings such as school or nursery are avoided.


Skin conditions in children can vary from rashes to spots or sores. Many of these symptoms will make the affected skin itchy, painful or sensitive. Symptoms of children’s dermatological conditions can also go beyond the skin itself and may include headaches, fatigue or aches and pains all over the body, so it is important to get your child’s skin condition assessed by a consultant dermatologist so it can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.


Most dermatological skin conditions in children can be identified and well controlled which can quickly restore quality of life back to you and your child. Here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we will be able to provide you with a treatment strategy to help control your child’s ongoing disease.

There are many different dermatological conditions found in children that are unique and not found in adults, so seeing a dermatologist who is trained in paediatric dermatology and understands these conditions and treatments is important.

Treatments for more common skin conditions such as eczema or acne might vary depending on the age of a patient so seeing an expert in children’s skin disease will ensure your child has the most appropriate treatment for their age.

It is important to not cut out important foods in your child’s diet, including milk, dairy or wheat without discussing with a health professional first.

To find out more about how common skin conditions are treated, please click on the links opposite.

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It can be very distressing for both the child and the parents when a child is suffering from a skin condition. To book an appointment with a consultant dermatologist, simply fill in an enquiry form and one of our team will give you a call back. You will be booked into your local Stratum Dermatology Clinic to see an expert who can assess your child’s condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Some of the most common skin conditions seen in children include eczema, rashes, chickenpox, measles, warts, hives and acne. Reactions from allergies are also common in young children as their skin comes into contact with substances for the first time.

Here at Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic we can treat children off all ages along as we have parental consent and a parent or guardian is in attendance during the consultation.


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