Why choose a consultant dermatologist?

Any form of skin disease can have a big impact on your life – the right treatment is vital.

Consultant dermatologists spend their professional life exclusively treating skin disease. This means they have the highest level of expertise and experience in the field of dermatology. An accurate and early diagnosis is more likely to lead to an appropriate treatment and a better result for you.

At our clinics, we are able to offer dermatology and paediatric dermatology (skin disease in children).

What should I expect in the consultation?

The chance to meet with an expert dermatologist with a view to answering some important questions:

  • What is my diagnosis?
  • What can be done about the condition?
  • Is there a cure or not?

There are 3-4 important elements in your initial: the interview, examination, investigation and treatment.

You can see one of our skin specialists in Canterbury and Kent if you have any kind of concerns about your skin. A dermatologist can help to identify the cause of a rash, growth or skin allergy. The doctors can also check moles for signs of skin cancer or recommend the best approaches to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Our consultants can also perform specialist treatments including skin surgery to remove growths such as skin cancers. Seeing a skin specialist is the best way to ensure that you are getting access to all of the latest treatments and expertise in dermatology. We can do a lot to treat skin conditions with medication, cryotherapy, phototherapy, surgery and other kinds of treatment.

Testing can almost always be done on the same day as your appointment with results being available shortly after. Our Dermatologists take time to look through all results before your next appointment.

We are also able to biopsy skin lesions for pathological analysis on site. Our state of the art clinic enables our Dermatologists to regularly perform biopsies of lesions such as moles. The samples are then sent off to our partner laboratories to examine each and every specimen and produce a report for our dermatologists.

Why Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic?

Our trusted experts in dermatology have treated many thousands of patients with all types of skin condition. They work in Care Quality Commission regulated and state-of-the-art clinics. The team that supports them is focussed solely on dermatology so you know that when you visit a Stratum clinic you are being treated by experts, in facilities designed for dermatology and supported by teams that only treat skin disease.

Are you insured?

We accept PMI Patients from all major insurers which makes all Consultations and Treatments FREE. *

*Check your policy for excess and restrictions.