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electrotherapy treatment for piles in Canterbury

For all enquiries on Piles (Haemorrhoid), please call eXroid on 0800 999 3777.

At The Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, we pride ourselves in looking after the whole person, particularly where the skin is concerned, and there’s nothing much we cannot help with and no area that is too awkward, including some of those areas we can get rather embarrassed about.

Pruritus ani, otherwise known as an itchy bottom, is very common and can be caused by many different things. Eczemapsoriasis, various infections (including bacterial, fungal, yeast and parasites) and other inflammatory conditions including lichen planus, fissures, conditions associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) such as fistulae and sinuses, and, one of the commonest reasons, minor discharge (associated with internal haemorrhoids, also called piles) causing irritation.

As a dermatology-led clinic, we have treated or advised on all these skin conditions around the anus from the beginning, but now we are going to go one small step further for one of those awkward conditions, by offering one of the most innovative treatments for what is regarded as one of the most embarrassing yet common ailments in the UK, namely that of haemorrhoids.

If you are in the uncomfortable position of always wanting to scratch your bottom, then you may well be one of the 8 million people who suffer with haemorrhoids in the UK. You might also have one of the other conditions mentioned above instead, or as well. We are here to be able to assess and advise on all the conditions that might affect this embarrassing bit of anatomy, all in a very discreet and professional manner.


As part of our health and well-being ethos, we undertake a new, gentle, non-invasive procedure that tackles internal haemorrhoids, called eXroid electrotherapy treatment.

Dr Mark Hudson-Peacock, Consultant Dermatologist at the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic, is part of the team that introduced this new procedure to the UK and has carried out more haemorrhoid electrotherapy procedures than any other medical practitioner in Europe. With his skills in the art of proctology (perianal medicine) and dermatology, you are assured that he is very well positioned to be able to give you the best advice for whatever affects your bottom and causes you those unpleasant symptoms you’d rather not have.


Over 90% of patients who have the eXroid electrotherapy haemorrhoid treatment report a return to their normal activities on the same day.

eXroid takes a personal approach to your haemorrhoid treatment and the expert advisors can help you get the best advice and help you need, so you can be free from piles sooner than you thought.

The eXroid® treatment is suitable for all 4 grades of haemorrhoids, so even if your GP can’t refer you for NHS treatment, you can be treated by eXroid without the need to wait until things get worse.

It is the lowest risk and most effective treatment for haemorrhoids in the UK. There is minimal or no discomfort during and after the procedure and there is no need for anaesthetic, cutting, heat or stitching, meaning no time off work. Appointments (including diagnosis & treatment) can take less than an hour, so you can fit your appointment conveniently around your life.

The eXroid procedure uses electrotherapy, which has been clinically researched for over 150 years.

It is non-surgical and is carried out in a clinic by a GMC registered consultant. There is no cutting, stitching or heat applied. The low electrical current stimulates a chemical reaction, which seals off the feeding blood vessels, resulting in the haemorrhoid being starved of its blood supply and it shrinks accordingly, with associated symptom reduction.

The effect continues to work to close the vessels for up to 4 weeks. The aftercare team will be in touch at this point to hear your progress, review your doctor notes and talk to you about the need for any further treatment.


The majority of patients who have this non-invasive haemorrhoid treatment say it is a straight forward treatment which has minimal to no discomfort. Over 90% of patients said they were able to go back to their daily activities on the same day as treatment.

This treatment is unique as it:

  • Treats all four grades of internal haemorrhoid disease
  • Requires no hospital stay, no bowel prep and no anaesthesia so you can walk in and out with no downtime required
  • Is very quick
  • Is painless
  • Is very effective


Piles can be treated very easily and effectively through lots of different treatment methods. Popular treatments include:

  • Dietary change
  • Over-the-counter prescription creams, ointments and suppositories
  • Electrotherapy
Some haemorrhoids can get better on their own if they are caused by constipation. In this case, a simple dietary change to introduce more fibre can be effective in clearing up piles.
There is no evidence to suggest that piles lead to cancer. The myth that piles cause colon cancer stems from the fact that there are some similarities in the symptoms of both conditions, such as bleeding from the anus.
There is no evidence to suggest a link between eating spicy foods and developing haemorrhoids. If you already have haemorrhoids, eating spicy foods may aggravate your existing condition if you experience stomach discomfort.
Some types of movements during a work out can put a strain on the muscles around the rectum that can cause a problem. If you put excessive strain on your body or use the incorrect technique when lifting heavy weights, you can increase your chances of developing haemorrhoids. However, that should not deter you from working out, as exercise is actually a very important factor in preventing haemorrhoids.
This is a common myth. The temperature of your seat has no effect on the development of piles. How long you remain seated for though can matter as lack of movement can cause piles due to the pressure on your rectum. You should take regular breaks to stand up if you are required to sit for long periods of time.
People of any age can get piles, but as you get older the likelihood of developing piles increases. This is because supporting tissues in the anal canal and rectum areas become weaker with age. However, factors such as constipation, diarrhoea and straining during bowel movements can affect anyone at any age and it is also very common for healthy people with a good diet and who exercise regularly to develop this condition.

The eXroid® electrotherapy treatment is one of the gentlest and least invasive treatment options available. Everyone has different degrees of sensitivity but for most is is not painful with minimal or no discomfort experienced.

It can take up to 10 minutes for each haemorrhoid, or up to 30 minutes for one session treating 3 piles. An initial consultation and treatment takes 45 – 60 minutes.
No, we do not require a GP referral but we will write to them following treatment to let them know.
A first consultation, examination and procedure costs £1,195. Any additional procedures which are required cost £745.


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